1. TV Workout App daily challenge figma frame prototype tv tv app tvapp ui workout
    View TV Workout App
    TV Workout App
  2. Short Trip Planner App figma
    View Short Trip Planner App
    Short Trip Planner App
  3. Renaissance Web Design 🍂 design mobile app design mobile ui ui uiux web
    View Renaissance Web Design 🍂
    Renaissance Web Design 🍂
  4. 🍽 Simple menú to share figma menu mobile simple ui ui design ux
    View 🍽 Simple menú to share
    🍽 Simple menú to share
  5. Digital Menu carrousel figma food foody menu mobile restaurant spicy vegan
    View Digital Menu
    Digital Menu
  6. Japanese Writing Companion design guadalajara hiragana illustration improving japanese kanji katakana learning mexico mobile ui ux writing
    View Japanese Writing Companion
    Japanese Writing Companion
  7. University of the arts e-learning platform e-learning figma typography ui ui deesign web web concept
    View University of the arts e-learning platform
    University of the arts e-learning platform
  8. Macrame Lessons 🧵 app app concept elearning macrame macramé typography ui
    View Macrame Lessons 🧵
    Macrame Lessons 🧵
  9. Talk To People Platform - Risky Typography avatar chat concept design figma illustration ipad platform risky typography ui ux web design
    View Talk To People Platform - Risky Typography
    Talk To People Platform - Risky Typography
  10. WaterColor - e-learning 🎨 e-learn tipography ui ui design web
    View WaterColor - e-learning 🎨
    WaterColor - e-learning 🎨
  11. Dashboard Dark & Light dark darkmode dashboard light ui ui design ux web
    View Dashboard Dark & Light
    Dashboard Dark & Light
  12. Medical Treatment Tracker cards dark mode drag and drop figma light mode list medicine prescriptions prototype schedule treatments
    View Medical Treatment Tracker
    Medical Treatment Tracker
  13. Accessibility Scan accessibility adobe illustrator adobe photoshop adobe xd app blindness guadalajara itexico mexico mobile ux visually impaired
    View Accessibility Scan
    Accessibility Scan
  14. Translator Assistant darkmode design figma ui
    View Translator Assistant
    Translator Assistant
  15. Period Tracker 🗓 app app concept cycle tracker dark app dark mode dark ui design mobile mobile ui period period tracker self-care selfcare tracker ui
    View Period Tracker 🗓
    Period Tracker 🗓
  16. BBVA Dark Theme
    View BBVA Dark Theme
    BBVA Dark Theme
  17. Accessible blog accessibility dark mode dark ui light ui mobile ui ui design ux
    View Accessible blog
    Accessible blog
  18. Blim TV Redesign 💜 broadcast climax design figma flat glassmorphism minimal redesign redesign concept responsive tvshow ui uidesign
    View Blim TV Redesign 💜
    Blim TV Redesign 💜
  19. WhatsApp Redesign 🦄 design desktop app desktop design glassmorphism minimal pink redesign concept ui userinterface uxui webdesign whatsapp
    View WhatsApp Redesign 🦄
    WhatsApp Redesign 🦄
  20. Blue to Go app Redesign app concept ipad redesign sports streaming tablet tv ui ux
    View Blue to Go app Redesign
    Blue to Go app Redesign
  21. Spotify TV App Redesign android apple redesign spotify tv app ui
    View Spotify TV App Redesign
    Spotify TV App Redesign
  22. Mobile Wallet Concept banking card concept fintech mobile ui wallet watch
    View Mobile Wallet Concept
    Mobile Wallet Concept
  23. Home Finances Made Easy banking figma isometric personal finance prototype ui
    View Home Finances Made Easy
    Home Finances Made Easy
  24. Saving Bee design figma ui ui ux
    View Saving Bee
    Saving Bee
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