1. SweepCongress Voter Education App branding graphic design mobile app prototype ui
    View SweepCongress Voter Education App
    SweepCongress Voter Education App
  2. Animated COVID-19 Infographics animation art direction data visualization design gif motion graphics social media ux
    View Animated COVID-19 Infographics
    Animated COVID-19 Infographics
  3. Giving Map branding data visualization design logo ui ux web design
    View Giving Map
    Giving Map
  4. Hunger Map branding data visualization design logo ui ux web design
    View Hunger Map
    Hunger Map
  5. Actionable Data
    View Actionable Data
    Actionable Data
  6. A Statistical Model for Cognitive Selection Bias data science probability statistical statistics
    View A Statistical Model for Cognitive Selection Bias
    A Statistical Model for Cognitive Selection Bias
  7. Lobster Friends comic comic strip comics
    View Lobster Friends
    Lobster Friends
  8. Illustration illustration pen and ink
    View Illustration
  9. Comics coloring comic comic art comic strip comics illustration inking panel design pencils
    View Comics
  10. Book Design and Layout book cover book cover design book layout book layout design books
    View Book Design and Layout
    Book Design and Layout
  11. Posters art direction artwork comics design illustration poster poster art poster design posters
    View Posters
  12. ROSECODE Fan Art 3d art art direction blender 3d comics script
    View ROSECODE Fan Art
    ROSECODE Fan Art
  13. ROSECODE Story Illustrations art direction script storytelling
    View ROSECODE Story Illustrations
    ROSECODE Story Illustrations
  14. Rose C. branding character design illustration vector
    View Rose C.
    Rose C.
  15. The Lotus Chart 3d animation data story data visualization interaction design motion graphics ui ux vector web design
    View The Lotus Chart
    The Lotus Chart
  16. Lotus.fm branding design ecommerce logo mobile app mobile app design mobile design video
    View Lotus.fm
  17. PDX Local Website art direction branding design identity logo social buttons ui ux web web design wordpress wordpress blog theme
    View PDX Local Website
    PDX Local Website
  18. ROSECODE Logo branding design icon logo vector
    View ROSECODE Logo
  19. ROSECODE Website art direction branding design game design logo responsive web design
    View ROSECODE Website
    ROSECODE Website
  20. Zappen App android app augmented reality branding design icon image recognition interaction design ios app prototypes react native swift ui ux wireframes
    View Zappen App
    Zappen App
  21. Zappen Logo app augmented reality branding design icon identity logo ui ux vector
    View Zappen Logo
    Zappen Logo
  22. Augmented Reality Greeting Card augmented reality branding design graphic desgin icon logo print design ux
    View Augmented Reality Greeting Card
    Augmented Reality Greeting Card
  23. Zappen Website art direction augmented reality branding design gif animation logo responsive web web design
    View Zappen Website
    Zappen Website
  24. Zappen Booth Design art direction booth design collateral design environment design print design tradeshow
    View Zappen Booth Design
    Zappen Booth Design
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