1. Compensation Modal Component simple flat clean minimal settings popup desktop web app app ux dashboard design system component fintech finance b2b saas modal modals ui
    View Compensation Modal Component
    Compensation Modal Component
  2. Modular Input Component dropdown design system flat minimal forms clean ui ux list search select input component web app dashboard saas b2b form
    View Modular Input Component
    Modular Input Component
  3. Select Input Component b2b list form picker selector saas minimal flat clean ux ui search design system dashboard web app app dropdown component select input
    View Select Input Component
    Select Input Component
  4. Private Healthcare Plans dashboad saas card cards health care price ecommerce health dashboard app web flat ui design system component employee pricing plan pricing insurance healthcare
    View Private Healthcare Plans
    Private Healthcare Plans
  5. Sidebar Navigation UI flat clean minimal nav bar dark dark theme grid b2b dashboard saas navigation bar ux app web menu navbar icons ui sidebar navigation
    View Sidebar Navigation UI
    Sidebar Navigation UI
  6. Invoice & Payroll Details responsive adaptive saas b2b salary payroll table invoice clean fintech finance dasboard app web flat design enterprise accounting hr
    View Invoice & Payroll Details
    Invoice & Payroll Details
  7. Dashboard Cards figma reporting statistics app finance flat minimal fintech hr clean b2b saas web app web cards ui cards admin ui dashboard
    View Dashboard Cards
    Dashboard Cards
  8. Customer Onboarding Steps b2b saas ux register getting started sign up home screen progress design system stepper component web app app web dashboard steps onboarding minimal clean ui
    View Customer Onboarding Steps
    Customer Onboarding Steps
  9. Add Compensation Modals enterprise admin ux ui ui design minimal crm human resources hr saas saas design b2b web component design dashboad clean web app fintech finance
    View Add Compensation Modals
    Add Compensation Modals
  10. Payment History Data Charts b2b saas reporting cards ui cards data visualization data statistics payment app dashboard web apps web app clean ux ui payment history graphic charts chart
    View Payment History Data Charts
    Payment History Data Charts
  11. Payroll Details web ux b2b saas list pagination drawer expand row table ui design system minimal flat web app app dashboard fintech payment payroll
    View Payroll Details
    Payroll Details
  12. Salary Calculator Form saas currency converter currency exchange fx input fields input field remote dashboard app web ui design system employee tax salary calculator calculate form inputs input
    View Salary Calculator Form
    Salary Calculator Form
  13. Alert Components dashboad saas toast light theme light dark theme dark mode dark modal snackbar notification error success warning message design system banners banner alerts alert
    View Alert Components
    Alert Components
  14. Panther Website Redesign Teaser ui design b2b website b2b dashboard flat webdesign clean minimal purple navy dark landing page design landing page website design web design web
    View Panther Website Redesign Teaser
    Panther Website Redesign Teaser
  15. Free Figma UX Template - 4 Forces of Progress forces of progress feebie jobs to be done user research product management user experience ux template figma free
    View Free Figma UX Template - 4 Forces of Progress
    Free Figma UX Template - 4 Forces of Progress
  16. Free Figma Input Component free template ui kit freebies figma freebie figmadesign input field form input design system component auto layout figma freebie
    View Free Figma Input Component
    Free Figma Input Component
  17. Pi Coin News wallet social purple pi coin ui mobile minimal ios article finance dark crypto wallet cryptocurrency crypto bitcoins clean news blockchain bitcoin app
    View Pi Coin News
    Pi Coin News
  18. Pi Coin Home Screen coins blockchain trading bitcoin crypto finance purple cards social wallet pi coin cryptocurrency crypto wallet dark clean mobile app minimal ios ui
    View Pi Coin Home Screen
    Pi Coin Home Screen
  19. Chefit Personal Chef Landing Page webdesign web uiux uidesign clean ui product design personal chef minimal layout landingpage landing interface eating food creative clean cooking app cook chef chefs
    View Chefit Personal Chef Landing Page
    Chefit Personal Chef Landing Page
  20. Personal Chef Food Menu 2020 ui delivery clean minimal modern mobile ui user interface account profile shop cart checkout order menu items menu food ios mobile app
    View Personal Chef Food Menu
    Personal Chef Food Menu
  21. Free Intercom Product Tour UI Kit popover modals components desktop sketch app freebies ui feebie sketch sketchapp ui kits tooltip tutorial user experience guide onboarding tour product tour intercom
    View Free Intercom Product Tour UI Kit
    Free Intercom Product Tour UI Kit
  22. Hosting & Domain Provider Checkout blue domain name 2020 clean uxui ux assign contact contact payments payment dashboard provider hosting domain cart checkout webapp web desktop
    View Hosting & Domain Provider Checkout
    Hosting & Domain Provider Checkout
  23. Intercom Product Tour Step ui kit application web desktop tooltips helper customer support user guide guide onboarding product tour tour intercom
    View Intercom Product Tour Step
    Intercom Product Tour Step
  24. Social App   Zakovska ios app mobile chat ui minimal profile social messenger iphone x dark black
    View Social App Zakovska
    Social App Zakovska
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