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2016 Year in Review

We thought 2015 was a busy year, but things certainly didn’t slow down in 2016. After saying goodbye to our Dribbble HQ and becoming fully remote, the Dribbble team gathered for our annual Salem Summit in August.

This year we helped designers organize 142 Dribbble Meetups worldwide, improved our Jobs offering, ramped up our design podcast Overtime, and released a ton of new features.

We’re ramping up our team and look forward to big things in 2017 now that we’ve joined forces with Tiny.

Product Releases

We had some huge product releases this year that included Playbook, Places, Mobile Email Templates, and a Profile Redesign. We also redesigned many existing features including Find Designers, Playoffs, Meetups, Goods, and more.

See all of our product releases and feature updates in our 2016 Product Releases Project.

  1. Introducing Playbook
  2. Hello, Cleveland!
  3. Profiles with a side of information

Top Shots of 2016

As always, the biggest story of 2016 was our members, who continued to share astonishing work on our site. Here are a few of the top shots from 2016.

  1. Free Limited Edition Dribbble Sticker Pack
  2. A new look for Google Play family of apps
  3. Menu Animation
  4. "Edge" Playing Cards (wip)
  5. Digital Walls
  6. Messenger Bots & Partial payment Concept
  7. Health App Login
  8. Designer vs. Developer
  9. Invision Projects - Spaces iOS
  10. ToFind - Transition Test
  11. Dribbblers
  12. Pixty App Branding
  13. Fox
  14. Facebook Reactions
  15. chillin

Row 1: Sticker Mule, Jonathan Chung for Google, Anastasiia Andriichuk. Row 2: Mike | Creative Mints, Cosmin Capitanu, Isil Uzum. Row 3: Jakub Antalík, Gal Shir, Charles Patterson for InVision. Row 4: Leo Leung, Beresnev, Ramotion. Row 5: Mikael Gustafsson, Seth Eckert, Markus Magnusson .

2016 by the Numbers

We collect quite a bit of data around here, so let’s take a look at what’s changed in community, activity, hiring, meetups, and more over the past year …

Members joined Including 21,102 new designers sharing work
Teams joined For a total of 3,912 design teams on Dribbble
Countries where members are sharing work 66 of those countries only have between 1 and 5 players. Let's get those numbers up!
Shots shared 61,353 of those were animated GIFs
Attachments uploaded On 87,800 Shots
Pixels dribbbled That’s 38324 miles, or about 1.5 times around the earth at the equator.
Comments posted By 41,992 members
Likes given On 1,077,471 Shots
Jobs for designers posted By 1,111 organizations
Work inquiries sent to designers To 11,521 designers for hire
Work inquiries sent to teams To 1,460 design teams for hire
Designers and Teams for hire that received work inquiries All-time, through 2016
Dribbble Meetups worldwide 55 of those were in the U.S.
Dribbble Meetup attendees And all of them were wonderful
Pounds of swag shipped to Dribbblers That's a lot of pink basketballs!
Stories at Courtside Including 46 Timeout interviews
Episodes of Overtime Plus two bonus episodes with Dribbble team members
Average listens per Overtime Episode Bill Kenney's episode was the most-listened-to Overtime Episode of 2016 with 3,213 listens
Page views By 25,595,085 unique visitors
Support tickets received Resolved by all 8 Dribbble team members in Front
Pull requests deployed With 2,039 commits, 2,476 issues, and 6,529 comments in GitHub

A big, thank you! to all the members of the community who made 2016 fun, exciting, inspiring, and creative. Let’s do it again next year.

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