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2015 was a busy year at Dribbble, to say the least. We hired 4 new employees - Alison, Jeffrey, Adam and Hallie - to join Ian, Patrick, Dan and Rich, bringing our team to a whopping 8. Explosive growth! :)

Given our new faces and distributed team, we were thrilled to gather twice this year, once at Dribbble HQ in Salem and again in Chicago at the Dribbble x Threadless Meetup, after which the dev team attended Windy City Rails to get our nerd on.

Product Releases

We had some big releases such as infinite scroll, responsive shot lists, full size shots in lists, and Deals for Designers, we introduced Courtside Stories to better cover the community, and we even launched a podcast.

We also integrated our site with some great products - Slack and InVision, moved our entire technical infrastructure to a new host, co-hosted a big event and saw Dribbblers continue to gather at meetups all over the world.

  1. Infinite Scrolll infinite scroll ui dribbble
    Shot Link
  2. Onsite Messages inbox messages dribbble
  3. Hit me with your big shots pat benetar ui shot toggle shot size dribbble
    Shot Link

Top Shots of 2015

As always, the biggest story of 2015 was our members, who continued to share astonishing work on our site. Here are the top 15 shots of 2015.

  1. Replace material ae gif animation inbetweening background refresh ui airplane
    Shot Link
  2. Potato landing page website potato potatoes simple minimalistic clean web ui funny landing page product page visual design
  3. Google Brand System - Motion dots transitions animation system motion logo icons branding google
    Shot Link
  4. The Force Awakens
    Shot Link
  5. Kick Push character animation animation gif loop grampa beard character design skate photoshop
    Shot Link
  6. Tap finger tap word logo type letter a mark fun pencil
  7. New Rally Site!!
    Shot Link
  8. Login & Home Screen ui ux invision app prototyping iphone material gif ae animation mobile login
    Shot Link
  9. Roney Gibson menu typography site button navigation art web design
  10. A peek at InVision v5 invision v5 ui web app web app prototyping project screens mobile dark material
  11. Bedouin by Circular agency application app icon icons flat ui clean minimal travel digital
  12. Faicco's Italian Restaurant Parallax page ecommerce mobile ios interaction shop landing product ui ux homepage website
    Shot Link
  13. Youtube Rewind animation after effects ae
    Shot Link
  14. Folding Cell by Mobile App Development Agency mobile app development company web application interaction iphone 6 prototype android delivery app ios 8 flat design amazon navigation menu ux ui loading user interface animation ups package card online store commerce dhl shipping mail material design user experience
    Shot Link
  15. Improved Spotify Green

Row 1: Zee Young, Eldin Heric, Adam Grabowski for Google. Row 2: Creativedash, Markus Magnusson, Eddie Lobanovskiy. Row 3: Ben Cline for RALLY, Anton Aheichanka for InVision, Mike | Creative Mints. Row 4: Billy Kiely for InVision, Victor Erixon, Virgil Pana. Row 5: Markus Magnusson, Ramotion, Tobias van Schneider for Spotify.

2015 by the Numbers

We collect quite a bit of data around here, so let’s take a look at what’s changed in community, activity, hiring, meetups, and more over the past year …

Members joined Including 10,477 new designers sharing work
Teams joined For a total of 2,732 design teams on Dribbble
Countries where members are sharing work Including all 50 U.S. states and 10 Canadian provinces
Shots shared 39,425 of those were animated GIFs
Attachments uploaded On 71,263 Shots
Pixels dribbbled With a running totally of 437,549,316,478 — which would reach about 1/3 of the way from the earth to the moon if laid in a straight line
Comments posted By 35,168 members
Likes given On 771,034 Shots
Jobs for designers posted By 1,519 organizations
Work inquiries sent to designers To 10,863 designers for hire
Work inquiries sent to teams To 794 design teams for hire
Designers for hire that received work inquiries All-time, through 2015
Dribbble Meetups worldwide 72 of those were in the U.S.
Dribbble Meetup attendees And all of them were wonderful
Pounds of swag shipped to meetup hosts If we had sent donuts, it would've been 26,064 donuts
Stories at Courtside Including 27 Timeout interviews
Page views By 21,306,796 unique visitors
Support tickets received Resolved by all 8 Dribbble team members
Pull requests deployed With 2,417 commits, 2,137 issues, and 6,205 comments
Average server response time In Dec. 2015, which was 30% faster than Jan. 2015

A giant, thank you! to all the members of the community who made 2015 fun, exciting, inspiring, and creative. Let’s do it again next year.

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