1. UI bites for Narrative BI analytics analytics platform augmented analytics automated insights b2b bi branding business intelligence data analysis data insights data visualization insights marketing data narrative bi narratives no code product statisctic ui web product
    View UI bites for Narrative BI
    UI bites for Narrative BI
  2. Narrative BI – Product Hunt Launch 🚀 alerts augmented analytics business intelligence dashboard google analytcs 4 google analytics integration interface narrative bi ph launch product product hunt product of the day report saas ui web web app
    View Narrative BI – Product Hunt Launch 🚀
    Narrative BI – Product Hunt Launch 🚀
  3. Social network for teens edu edu app education edutech game game design game quiz gamification kids mobile app mobile education mobile product mobile quiz product quiz quizzes startup teens
    View Social network for teens
    Social network for teens
  4. Team page – Narrative BI about about page about us career career page company values headshots headshots illustrations illustrations landing page narrative bi personal illustrations team page visual identity web web design web page webdesign webflow website
    View Team page – Narrative BI
    Team page – Narrative BI
  5. Narrative BI for Google Analytics google analytics integrations page landing page marketing page narrative bi product page saas saas landing page web web design web landing website website design
    View Narrative BI for Google Analytics
    Narrative BI for Google Analytics
  6. The Future of BI analytics bi bi analytics business intelligence dashboard data stories graphs interface live product product saas web widgets
    View The Future of BI
    The Future of BI
  7. Narrative BI: Onboarding bi bi onboarding business intelligence dashboard interface narrative narrative bi onboarding product product onboarding product ui ui web web app web interface
    View Narrative BI: Onboarding
    Narrative BI: Onboarding
  8. Roadmap v2 – Concept 3drops dashboard gantt gantt chart interface ofc product product concept project project management roadmap roadmap chart roadmap view web
    View Roadmap v2 – Concept
    Roadmap v2 – Concept
  9. Nimatron – Homepage csgo cup e-sport e-sport product esport esports games gameshow homepage news product schedule scores social sport sport widget sports tournament widgets
    View Nimatron – Homepage
    Nimatron – Homepage
  10. Clubhouse Desktop Concept chat chat app chatting chatting app clubhouse concept desktop app interface mac os macos product product concept redesign room chat ui ui concept voice chat web web app web concept
    View Clubhouse Desktop Concept
    Clubhouse Desktop Concept
  11. Widgets with Brain Data analytics brain brain data dashboard efficient emotional design insights interface neural neuralink neuro neurology neurons neuroscience product ui web web app widgets
    View Widgets with Brain Data
    Widgets with Brain Data
  12. Nimatron – UI concept e-sport esport esports game games interface live nimatron product product concept product design slider stream web web app widgets
    View Nimatron – UI concept
    Nimatron – UI concept
  13. Dashboard with Brain Data brain brain data dashboard data table efficient emotional design interface neura neural neuralink neurology neuron neurons neuroscience product product concept ui web web app
    View Dashboard with Brain Data
    Dashboard with Brain Data
  14. Mobile Dashboard – Podcast Analytics App analytics analytics app app app ui application mobile mobile analytics mobile app mobile app design mobile application mobile dashboard mobile podcast mobile ui podcast podcast app report statistic
    View Mobile Dashboard – Podcast Analytics App
    Mobile Dashboard – Podcast Analytics App
  15. Dashboard Widgets analytics analytics chart bar chart chart chart ui chart widget chart widgets dashboard dashboard app dashboard ui dashboard widgets funnel funnel chart podcast app podcast dashboard product product ui web app widget widgets
    View Dashboard Widgets
    Dashboard Widgets
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