UI bites for Narrative BI

Narrative BI is a cutting-edge analytics platform designed for growth teams, which automatically generates actionable data insights without requiring any coding.

One of the key features of Narrative BI is the ability to connect all your data sources in one place, which allows you to receive valuable insights from your marketing and advertising data automatically.

As part of my work for Narrative BI, I have helped to develop the website, branding, UI, and product design. In my UI design work for Narrative BI, I have created a range of different UI bites that are designed to make it easy for users to access and interact with their data.

Drag and drop priorities list, narrative card, alert alarm

One example of this is the drag & drop list of KPI priorities settings, which allows users to quickly and easily set their most important KPIs. Another example is the narrative view card, which provides a quick overview of the most important insights generated by the platform.

Comment block, calendar filter, data stories

One of the most exciting features of Narrative BI is the narrative alert system. This system generates a feed of personalized data narratives and notifies users about any anomalies or unusual patterns in their data. The date filter feature allows users to filter the insights generated based on their company data and the comment section provides a space for collaboration and feedback on the data stories.

Finally, I love the data stories feature, which is presented in an Instagram-like format. This feature allows users to easily share and visualize their data insights with others.

Narrative card

The last image presents two narrative cards. The first card provides a general insight, while the second card presents an all-time high record number in the company data. Overall, my work for Narrative BI has been focused on creating a seamless and intuitive user experience that makes it easy for growth teams to turn their data into meaningful narratives.


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