1. Indie Bookstores viget storefront bookstore icon illustration article
    View Indie Bookstores
    Indie Bookstores
  2. Vote 2020 2020 vote vote2020 viget
    View Vote 2020
    Vote 2020
  3. Spooky Stats article viget statistics spooky illustration icon
    View Spooky Stats
    Spooky Stats
  4. Privia Telehealth - Native App healthcare native app app uiux ui ui animation product design
    View Privia Telehealth - Native App
    Privia Telehealth - Native App
  5. HRC.org Redesign ui content design nonprofit ui design yellow blue
    View HRC.org Redesign
    HRC.org Redesign
  6. quarantine like lives depend on it photo manipulation coronavirus covid-19
    View quarantine like lives depend on it
    quarantine like lives depend on it
  7. Food Truck Night/Day Experiment web design ui collage illustration app dark mode
    View Food Truck Night/Day Experiment
    Food Truck Night/Day Experiment
  8. Tenth Anniversary viget birthday chemistry gray orange green blue 404 anniversary line art illustration
    View Tenth Anniversary
    Tenth Anniversary
  9. Virtual Valley - Product Design maps dataviz data visualization 2017 blue green style guide graphs charts dashboard ui webapp ux dailyui software product design product dashboard
    View Virtual Valley - Product Design
    Virtual Valley - Product Design
  10. The NEA Foundation - Rebrand brand identity logo education rebrand redesign brand guide moodboard stationery
    View The NEA Foundation - Rebrand
    The NEA Foundation - Rebrand
  11. Sustainability Line Illustration 2019 sustainability illustration line art line icons iconset icons design icons
    View Sustainability Line Illustration
    Sustainability Line Illustration
  12. Avtex - Website Design design ui cx 2019 style guide teal green navy blue illustration website
    View Avtex - Website Design
    Avtex - Website Design
  13. Viget - At Home Stickers sticker social media laptop sticker illustration
    View Viget - At Home Stickers
    Viget - At Home Stickers
  14. DevSecOps Days - Website Design styleguide homepage magenta blue design ui website
    View DevSecOps Days - Website Design
    DevSecOps Days - Website Design
  15. National Public Media Redesign brand gradient redesign brand strategy branding ux website design ui
    View National Public Media Redesign
    National Public Media Redesign
  16. University of Pennsylvania - Website Redesign pennsylvania redesign website ui academia ivy university blue red 2014
    View University of Pennsylvania - Website Redesign
    University of Pennsylvania - Website Redesign
  17. Privia Telehealth - A Digital Healthcare Partnership brand strategy product card healthcare app
    View Privia Telehealth - A Digital Healthcare Partnership
    Privia Telehealth - A Digital Healthcare Partnership
  18. Scurry Startup flat high score winner scurry mountain flag illustrator mouse grit texture grainy illustration
    View Scurry Startup
    Scurry Startup
  19. Measure/Optimize/Monitor
    View Measure/Optimize/Monitor
  20. Site Performance
    View Site Performance
    Site Performance
  21. Virtru - Website Redesign 2016 blue vibrant guidelines hero minimal horizons cybersecurity privacy vector ui website
    View Virtru - Website Redesign
    Virtru - Website Redesign
  22. Illustration eatcrow crow design viget vector illustration icon
    View Illustration
  23. Falls Church shirt typography type
    View Falls Church
    Falls Church
  24. Together We Flourish, Remotely illustration
    View Together We Flourish, Remotely
    Together We Flourish, Remotely
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