Today was a big day.

About a year ago, I made this mockup of the AppleTV UI for a naming presentation. At the time Wondrium was in the top 5 of the names we tested. We had an idea, a mark, a simple palette, a few designs, and a whole lot of sweet-talkin' to sell the name through.

A year passed and today I turned on my AppleTV to see that mockup finally became reality.

Congrats to the Wondrium team. They pushed our work further than I could have imagined with new messaging, a refreshed UI, and a consistent rollout on every platform.

Visit Wondrium and sign up for a free trial here.

Read more about our work for Wondrium here.

Elliott Muñoz, Art Director
Elyse Kamibayashi, Copywriter
Ally Fouts, Creative Director

We brand, design, and build products and platforms.

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