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The Good, the Bad, and the Lovely

First, The Bad

We’ve increased the price of Pro accounts for designers from $20 to $36, annually.

Monthly, that’s a change from $1.67 to $3.00. So more beans, but still less than a cup of coffee in a lot of the cities our designers inhabit. :)

Now, The Good

Just over 6 years ago, we launched Pro accounts. Since that time, Pro has come a long way. We’ve added:

Pro was briefly $19 before we rounded off to $20, but otherwise, we’ve never raised the price as years and features have been added. We hope we’ve added enough value for Pro designers in that time to justify the change.

The Gooder (?!)

If you’re still booing the price change, give us one more shot …

Today we’ve added two new features that we hope will make Pro accounts more valuable to those who use Dribbble as their identity on the web.

Customizable Profiles

Pros now have more control over how they curate their Dribbble profiles:

  • Want to pick the shots that best represent you? Custom mode gives you complete control over which shots appear on your profile and how they are ordered.
  • Want to make it easy and let the community curate for you? Set your profile to lead with your most popular work.
  • Want your profile to display your latest creations as it does now? No need to change a thing. (And if you want to try out other views, you can always change your mind later.)

Note that with any configuration, you pick and choose which shots appear and which (if any) are hidden, low profile-style.


Wait, doesn’t Playbook already exist?! Yes, but it’s no longer a separate offering–we’ve simplified things by making it a feature of Pro. So if you want to host a website under your own domain, you can power it with your Dribbble profile by simply having a Pro account.

By default, Playbook automatically stays in sync–any selections you make to customize your Dribbble profile will immediately be reflected on your Playbook-powered website, so you can manage both your Dribbble profile and personal website in one place. Or if you choose, you can independently customize each to taste.

Note to current Playbook subscribers: You’ve had access to Playbook and Pro prior and that remains the case. You’ll simply renew as a Pro going forward.

Finally, the lovely

That’s you and your lovely work on Dribbble, of course. Our designers continue to dazzle and we’re grateful for their willingness not only to share their creations but to put their money where their mouth is to support this community.

Having said all that: If you’re still not comfortable with the price increase and feel that Pro is too expensive, we feel ya–it’s ok to say no to Pro. As always, we’re grateful for your patronage, be it financial or simply via participation in the community. And if Pro doesn’t meet your needs now but there’s a feature that might change your mind, please let us know.

Thanks, Dribbblers!

P.S. You know what doesn’t cost money? The brand new Dribbble iOS app. Go download it!

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