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Good News

Since its inception, people have always used Dribbble for different purposes—and we love that. We relish observing how the community uses Dribbble, then adding features that support those uses when we think it’s helpful (e.g. rebounds, attachments, buckets, projects, etc.). Often, we’re paving the cowpaths that the community has long trudged.

“Supporting the work of independent artists is something I love doing. It’s something integral to us here at Dribbble.”

Thousands of Dribbblers have long been using their shots to let the community know about their goods for sale. In fact, I’m typing this from my living room, where the art on the walls is 100% made by Dribbble members—all discovered through following their work here. I’ve backed many a Kickstarter from here as well. Half my t-shirt collection was curated from Dribbble artists. I’ve purchased some great games and apps because of the amazing projects being shared by designers that I’m a fan of. The Photoshop brushes and icons I use were all discovered here. As well as the font I’m currently using for a charity race logo. Supporting the work of independent artists is something I love doing. It’s something integral to us here at Dribbble.

So, today we’re happy to announce a new feature for PRO players that will bolster that support. When sharing work that’s also for sale (e.g. prints, apparel, icon sets, templates, etc.) there’s now a formal way to link to where it’s available for purchase. Those links will be neatly displayed in the sidebar of the shot page. Additionally, a collective “Goods for Sale” page is accessible from member profiles.

Special shotout to Ian Ehlert, who lead the development on this feature. Nice work, Ian.

Goods Partners

We’ve also partnered with several companies that power the popular storefronts where our members are selling their goods. When linking to these shops, we’ll add the logo and company name to the link to strengthen the connection to where the products are available.

Selling your products on your own site? No problem, you can link to goods using any URL you’d like.

Neatening up the process

It’s worth noting, this small feature doesn’t mark a change in direction for Dribbble. We’re merely adding the functionality to, as Susanna Baird aptly put it, “neaten up the process” that members have already forged.

Sometimes the work being shared is also something you can take home. And now there’s an unobtrusive link to it, which we think will be very handy for both the designer and their fans.

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