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We just rolled out a new Pro feature we think you'll like: you can now send analytics information for your shots, attachments, projects and so on to Google Analytics.

We're very happy with the robust stats we already offer to pros, like visitor counts, top shots, biggest fans, and so on. (If you're not already familiar, pop up to the "You" menu and click Stats to take a gander.) Some of you have asked for more detail or more types of information being tracked.

In order to provide that power to those who want it, while continuing to keep our small team focused on improving Dribbble itself, we decided that the simplest way forward was to let you send information to your own Google Analytics account. Every visit to your profile page, shots, or other relevant page will still be tracked by us, but can also be sent to Google Analytics for you to really dig into.

Head on over to your account settings page to add your Google Analytics tracking ID to get started. If you don't have a Google Analytics account already, it's free to sign up.

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