1. WillDesignForEUR handdrawn humor willdesignfor
    View WillDesignForEUR
  2. Sequent 23 3d acrylic bespoke cad frame lasercut openscad
    View Sequent 23
    Sequent 23
  3. #WillDesignForCoffee coffee handdrawn humor willdesignfor
    View #WillDesignForCoffee
  4. #PayYourDesignerInWhiteChocolate humor payyourdesigner
    View #PayYourDesignerInWhiteChocolate
  5. #PayYourDesignerInAnyHardCurrency handwritten humor payyourdesigner
    View #PayYourDesignerInAnyHardCurrency
  6. Stash Iterations branding corporate identity minimal
    View Stash Iterations
    Stash Iterations
  7. Stash Logo black branding ci gray logotype minimal ruled
    View Stash Logo
    Stash Logo
  8. wt logo blue logo logotype minimal white
    View wt logo
    wt logo
  9. Bag Bag Boy T Shirt custom type mockup t shirt
    View Bag Bag Boy T Shirt
    Bag Bag Boy T Shirt
  10. Abscent Rollup 2016 branding exhibition minimal multilingual presentation rollup
    View Abscent Rollup 2016
    Abscent Rollup 2016
  11. Paris November 2015 flag fraternité liberté paris égalité
    View Paris November 2015
    Paris November 2015
  12. Doodling a Concept at 6am concept doodle lowfi research sketch
    View Doodling a Concept at 6am
    Doodling a Concept at 6am
  13. No Circles Were Hurt abstract circles distorted drawbot overlaid
    View No Circles Were Hurt
    No Circles Were Hurt
  14. Abscent Website Goes Multilingual minimal multilingual website
    View Abscent Website Goes Multilingual
    Abscent Website Goes Multilingual
  15. Abscent website background background circles logo minimal website
    View Abscent website background
    Abscent website background
  16. Melange Field 1 abstract background fibre fibre art mixed media redish
    View Melange Field 1
    Melange Field 1
  17. A logo for abscent abstract black business card circles logo minimal reversed
    View A logo for abscent
    A logo for abscent
  18. Cellular Motion abstract carmine circular sketch
    View Cellular Motion
    Cellular Motion
  19. Last Train abstract drawbot ovals repetitive
    View Last Train
    Last Train
  20. An expression of sound for FontAid VIII abstract fontaid glyph lettering om type design
    View An expression of sound for FontAid VIII
    An expression of sound for FontAid VIII
  21. Doodles For Om (FontAid VIII) abstract circles fontaid om sound
    View Doodles For Om (FontAid VIII)
    Doodles For Om (FontAid VIII)
  22. Bending Lines Over A Blue Sunset abstract circles fontaid glyphs partial sketchapp
    View Bending Lines Over A Blue Sunset
    Bending Lines Over A Blue Sunset
  23. Espresso iPhone Wallpaper espresso iphone iphone5 pixelmator wallpaper
    View Espresso iPhone Wallpaper
    Espresso iPhone Wallpaper
  24. OT Logo abstract green logo
    View OT Logo
    OT Logo
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