1. Project F logo

  2. Project F logo developments

  3. Project F logo ideas

  4. Derbyshire Open Arts artist page redesign

  5. Derbyshire Open Arts homepage redesign

  6. Year in Review 2018

  7. Stanley & Mudford

  8. The Roaming Dough final logo

  9. The Roaming Dough idea development

  10. The Roaming Dough Ideas 2

  11. The Roaming Dough Ideas

  12. Manchester Town Hall pattern

  13. John Ryland's Library pattern

  14. Manchester Cathedral pattern

  15. Bee in the City bee design

  16. Public Pool logos

  17. Public Pool marks

  18. Public Pool mark

  19. Privacy International Refresh

  20. The Wrap Show Magic Summer logo

  21. The Wrap Show Magic Summer original idea

  22. The Wrap Show Magic Summer remix marks

  23. Copper and Wild logo

  24. Copper and Wild developments

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