Glosters Partridge Pear Sticker

I'll admit, I was a little nervous when Mev from Glosters said she'd like a partridge designed!

I knew it would be challenging to capture the bird in a simple style that matches the pear. Due to the small size of the stickers, conveying detail posed a real challenge, but I'm really pleased with the final result. The colours work exceptionally well against the finished ceramic pears. I particularly love the bright red against the deep burgundy, and the sticker still pops against the unglazed clay.

Working with Glosters has been a real pleasure, and it's fascinating to see how a small piece of graphic design can enhance a physical product! The stickers truly add a unique touch to the products, setting them apart from other ceramic makers.

Limited edition pear with unglazed clay found in Gloster's home garden:

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