In April, I had the absolute pleasure of working with Mev from Glosters. I've been a huge fan of Glosters over the last few years, so was really excited to help design a sticker for their ceramic lemons, which were part of their "Next Episode" Crowdfunder campaign. They wanted to raise £55K to expand their 250-square-foot facility to the unit next door and incredibly they managed to raise £70K in only 48 hours. They're currently producing 300 ceramic lemons and are going to add my fruit sticker onto them, as a nod to real life fruit.

I kept the design very simple; I took inspiration from the typography stamps used on another Crowdfunder product, as well as using their brand font, Bebas Neue and their navy brand colour. We toyed around with placing the tab on both sides but we both preferred a single tab on the right. I initially came up with two different colour variations but we both felt the navy background had the most impact.

First draft of the sticker:

Finally, Mev's lemon ceramic mockup:

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