Glosters Pedur Sticker

I was thrilled when Mev from Glosters reached out in August to work together again. She needed two stickers designing for their Autumn release and the first was for Pedur, the ceramic orange pumpkin.

Having followed Glosters on social media for a number of years, I have a good understanding of their brand and sense of humor. So, I decided Pedur needed a name badge! Luckily, Mev thought it was a great idea and even suggested he should be an employee of Glosters!

I kept the design simple to match the style of the previous lemon sticker and to follow the design of the iconic name badge sticker. I did create two additional stickers during the first round of ideas, just in case I had pushed things a little too far with the name badge!

First draft of the stickers:

Photo of Pedur and his final sticker:

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