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Hunkered down? Try these 10 creative projects to keep you inspired

With many of us social distancing and confined to our own homes amidst the evolving coronavirus pandemic, it’s not only important that we stay safe but also practice good mental health habits. As creative people, this also means making sure we’re flexing those creative muscles as much as we can!

To help keep you inspired and fueled during these trying times, here are a handful of both fun and productive projects for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

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1. Design a virtual greeting card for a fellow isolated friend

Isolation is real. It’s important that we still find ways to connect with one another and maintain our relationships even if it means virtually. Try designing a virtual greeting card to send to your fellow isolated friends. Not only will it get your creative juices flowing, but you’ll also spread some much-needed love in the process.

2. Update your portfolio

Have you been putting off the daunting task of updating your portfolio? Well, now’s a perfect time to get on it! In case you haven’t heard, Dribbble’s Profile pages also just got a major update so now’s a great time to start customizing your new Profile and letting your personality shine through. Don’t forget to get creative and have fun with it!

3. Try a new design tutorial

Use the extra time on your hands to expand your skills. Whether it be exploring new design tutorials online, learning the ropes of that new software you’ve been curious about, or just having fun experimenting with new styles. Whatever piques your interest, this is a great opportunity to grow your creative skills. Here are a few tutorials you can check out on Dribbble to get you started:

Make It lettering make make it mid century script shiny type

Make It

by Jonathan Ball

This is my take on a common saying. Focus on the making, not the faking. Interested in how this piece was made? I created a full step-by-step walkthrough of my process over on the Dribbble blog, Courtside.

View on Dribbble

4. Build & organize your fonts library

What better way to pass the time than updating your fonts library with some fresh new typefaces. We recently rounded up a handful of free font resources so you can start downloading some fresh new fonts there. While you’re at it, organize your fonts library for easier access to your favorite typefaces. Designer Charlie Marie has a great tutorial for how to best arrange your Font Book so check that out below!

5. Design a mantra

Design a message of hope for you, your friends, community, & neighbors. As designers, we have the ability to make hope visible through our work, so take a moment to channel your creative talents to help comfort, encourage, and root for our communities during these tough times. We’d love to see what you come up with so don’t forget to share it with the rest of the world here. We could all use some words of encouragement right now.

Keep Moving 1950s 1960s color theory hand lettering lettering mantra neon sign old school popart vintage

Keep Moving

by Daisy Creative Co. | Rebecca Brown

Inspired by the #goodtypetuesday Instagram prompt, this is my mantra for 2019.

View on Dribbble

6. Design a personal logo for you and/or a friend

Spend some time reflecting on your own personal brand and create a design system that represents your creative services and talents. Or, better yet, connect with a fellow creative friend and task one another to design each other’s logo! This is a great activity to stay connected with your peers while keeping the creative juices flowing at the same time.

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7. Make a playlist and design the cover art

Make a playlist filled with songs that capture your current mood. Then, design custom cover art that visualizes your playlist’s musical vibes. Share your musical selections with friends and family so you can enjoy it together, even if you’re not physically in the same space. Whether it be an uplifting or moody playlist, we can all benefit from some good tunes right now.

Focus for Dropbox character closercloser cover cover art cube dropbox eye focus hands illustration music music album playlist productivity spotify textures vector

Focus for Dropbox

by Enisaurus for Closer&Closer

Every month Dropbox curates three new playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. The purpose of these mixtapes is boosting your creativity and productivity to higher levels, helping you to be more focus on your daily work and keeping away any negative energi...

View on Dribbble

8. Freshen up your desktop

When was the last time you gave your desktop a fresh new look? Well, now’s a great opportunity to design your own inspirational desktop background or download some fresh ones here. While you’re at it, do a little desktop spring cleaning and declutter to help clear the mind.

9. Finally start your online shop

Have you ever considered setting up an online shop to sell your beautiful artwork? Nowadays, print-on-demand services make it easier than ever to sell custom designs online. So what are you waiting for? Go set up shop and upload your custom prints, pins, stickers, t-shirts for the world to enjoy.

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10. Step away from the computer

Paint, write, cook, read a book, build a fort with your children—the creative possibilities off of your screen are endless. While it’s easy for us to get hooked on our phones right now and keeping up with the latest news, it’s also important we step away from our digital devices and spend time being present in the moment. Make an effort to explore other creative outlets that will get you off of your screen.

take a break, read a book character female illustration illustrator ipadpro scene texture vector

take a break, read a book

by Frederique Matti

i'm available for new projects; reach out via e-mail.

View on Dribbble

Remember friends, it’s so important to make sure you’re taking care of your mental health while all of the COVID-19 craziness buzzes around us—this includes flexing your creative muscles and using your skills to connect with the world around you. We’re here to encourage you to keep on going and stay inspired.

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