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8 best free font resources for designers

On the hunt for some fresh new fonts to add to your collection? While it’s always best practice to support type designers by purchasing font licenses, we understand that sometimes you may just want to test out the look and feel of a font before investing in it—or you simply want to experiment with new typefaces in your personal projects!

Whatever the case may be, we’re here to share a handful of awesome free font resources with you. Keep in mind, not all of these resources will offer typefaces that are both free for personal and commercial use. So always double-check a font’s license to make sure you’re in the clear for using it how you intend!

1. Open Foundry

Open Foundry is an amazing platform that holds a rich collection of open-source fonts. Have fun exploring their collection of typefaces and toggling with their different display options. You can experiment with kerning, sizing, backgrounds, and more straight from Open Foundry’s interface!


2. The League of Moveable Type

As The League of Moveable Type declares on their homepage, their manifesto is all about raising the design standards of the web and empowering everyone with top-notch typography. They proudly offer a handful of high-quality open-sourced typefaces on their website.


3. Lost Type Co-Op

Lost Type is the very first “Pay-What-You-Want” type foundry founded back in 2011. Whatever funds are collected go directly to the font’s respective designers. It’s a win-win! Check out their awesome catalog of over 50 unique typefaces.


4. MyFonts—Free Fonts

Did you know you can filter through free typefaces on the world’s largest collection of fonts? That’s right— offers a variety of free fonts and you can access them all by clicking here.


5. Free Design Resources: Fonts

Free Design Resources is a platform that offers tons of different designs assets free for download. Lucky for us, they constantly update their fonts section. The best part is, you can filter typefaces by license: Free for commercial use, personal use, or both!


6. Font Squirrel

The self-proclaimed “free font utopia” Font Squirrel is a great resource if you’re specifically looking for fonts that are free for commercial use. They’ve done the heavy work for you by researching licenses and carefully hand-picking every font displayed on their site.


7. Awwwards Free Font Collection

Awwwards generously put together a collection of free fonts from designers all around the web. Although not all are free for commercial use, with the vast array of styles available, you should be able to find just what you’re looking for.


8. Google Fonts

Last but certainly not least, the leader of free fonts—Google. With nearly 1000 fonts available in more than 135 languages, Google Fonts remains a go-to resource for designers, type lovers, and just about anyone who wants to download typefaces for both personal and commercial use.


Whether you’re a graphic designer, web designer, or lover of type, we hope you found these resources helpful! Enjoy downloading your fresh new font collection and be sure to share all of the awesome work you make with them on Dribbble.


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