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Introducing: A brand new Dribbble

In the 10 years since we first asked the simple question “what are you working on?”, Dribbble has grown into a global community where tens of millions of people get inspired, get discovered and connect around design. We’ve evolved from sharing small snapshots of design ideas to an essential social portfolio for designers around the globe.

Today we are excited to announce our first complete redesign in the last ten years.

Introducing the new age of Dribbble

Over the last decade, we designed Dribbble’s interface to put designers’ work first: a minimal interface that didn’t chase trends but simply showcased them as they came and went. We created a canvas that is unopinionated and complementary to even your wildest design explorations. However, over the years various looks and feels have made Dribbble disjointed aesthetically. We built up a repository of pages with one-off styles that bloated our codebase and created too many inconsistencies in our design system.

Our new design system is made to showcase your creativity while maintaining visual harmony.

Today, we’re evolving Dribbble’s interface to better push your work to the forefront with a cleaner layout, uniform design system, more streamlined color palette, a lighter code base for snappier load times, and brand new profiles designed to properly showcase your work and personality in a whole new way.

Our new design system is made to showcase your creativity while maintaining visual harmony. It’s the perfect canvas to share your work and creativity, while a new, modernized aesthetic better reflects the company we are today.

New designer profiles

When approaching this redesign, we knew we wanted to completely rethink the social design portfolio and how we can best showcase who you are as a creative. For Dribbble Pro and Pro Business subscribers, you now have a completely revamped profile that allows you to add your own personality to your presence on Dribbble.

Your profile, your personality

Pro and Pro Business subscribers can now add their own personality to their Dribbble profiles by uploading a header image of their choice, and customizing the welcome text on their profile.

You’ll also notice that these profiles feature larger Shots so your work looks exceptional to clients, hiring managers, and inspiration seekers alike. This new grid is completely customizable so you can always put your best pixel forward.

We have also revamped the about section to bring all of your profile information together, so you can fully present your work history, expanded bio, skills and more—all in one place.

Looking to get hired?

Our new messaging widget ensures clients are only one-click away from messaging you with new opportunities. Clients will be able to send you messages directly from your profile page, making it easier than ever for them to get in touch with you.

A new profile for everyone

Pro and Pro Business subscribers aren’t the only ones who get a new profile. Everyone on Dribbble is getting upgraded whether you’re a creator or curator of design content. Designers who have not yet subscribed to Pro will notice a cleaner design to their profile, bringing into focus the awesome work being shown.

Brand new collections

We have completely revamped our Collections ((previously we called these Buckets)) with shareable, full-page layouts that showcase anything you’re curating—from a mood board to project inspiration, these new pages are designed to make it easier for you to find and collect inspiration on Dribbble.

A profile for curators

We’re proud to announce that, even if you aren’t sharing work on Dribbble, everyone will have a curator profile where you can show off your personal tastes through your likes and collections. Create a new collection by saving Shots and we will automatically add it to your profile for the world to see you for the tastemaker you are.

Improved discovery

One of the biggest challenges we faced in approaching a redesign of Dribbble was our Shot grid, the main way you discover amazing content every day. We made a conscious decision to pull back our UI so your work on Dribbble could shine. Less noise, less clutter—more beautiful pixels.

And we’re not done yet…

2020 is just getting started and we can’t wait to show you everything else we have planned for this year. From case studies to better video support to a revamped portfolio product we have our most ambitious roadmap ahead of us, all in the name of making designers around the world successful. Stay tuned!

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