1. Rounded Rectangle vs Squircle app app icon black dreamy flowers gradient iphone x logo pink squircle ui
    View Rounded Rectangle vs Squircle
    Rounded Rectangle vs Squircle
  2. Playlist Logo bars gradient logo playlist tesselation
    View Playlist Logo
    Playlist Logo
  3. Bindle - User Flow animated animated gif animation app art direction augmented reality augmentedreality gif illustration iphone x maps modal onboarding prototype shipping uber ui user flow ux vr
    View Bindle - User Flow
    Bindle - User Flow
  4. Bindle - Featured Screens app ar augmented reality branding camera iphone x maps measurement onboard onboarding shipping ui ux vr
    View Bindle - Featured Screens
    Bindle - Featured Screens
  5. Glades - find trails you'll love animation app carousel description design hiking ui ux
    View Glades - find trails you'll love
    Glades - find trails you'll love
  6. Desert City Icon Animation 005 animation app app icon dailyui dailyui 005 icon icon animation ios logo logo animation ui ux
    View Desert City Icon Animation
    Desert City Icon Animation
  7. 💵 Split the Bill App Flow 004 air animation app bill billing calculator checkout daily ui 004 dailyui dailyui 004 design iphone x ocr payment payment app receipt tip calculator ui ux
    View 💵 Split the Bill App Flow
    💵 Split the Bill App Flow
  8. Pied Piper Landing Page 003 crypto dailyui dailyui 003 ico landing page pied piper ui ux
    View Pied Piper Landing Page
    Pied Piper Landing Page
  9. Email App Designs app branding email email app ui ux
    View Email App Designs
    Email App Designs
  10. Pay with Pied Piper 002 app checkout credit card credit card checkout daily ui 002 dailyui dailyui 002 debut payment ui ux
    View Pay with Pied Piper
    Pay with Pied Piper
  11. Daily UI 001 - Docker Pods Signup 001 app daily ui 001 dailyui docker iphone x iphone xs mobile sign in sign up signup ui ux
    View Daily UI 001 - Docker Pods Signup
    Daily UI 001 - Docker Pods Signup
  12. Pins app chat maps ui ux
    View Pins
  13. Gleme Redesign app branding dating dating app ui ux
    View Gleme Redesign
    Gleme Redesign
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