đź’µ Split the Bill App Flow

Hi again Dribbble!

This is my submission for the Daily UI challenge - #004. The prompt was for a calculator but there was some freedom with what type, so I designed the flow for a bill splitting calculator!

It starts with OCR, where the user scans a receipt and the items and costs are automatically pulled in.

The user is then shown a checklist in which they can select which items are theirs, before continuing on to split the bill.

The next screen allows the user to have their friends scan a special barcode, and check off the items that are theirs on their app. The bill syncs up in realtime so the users can see who paid for what.

Once all items have been paid for, the user can continue onwards, where they select a tip. This is automatically added to the cost and split amongst the different friends proportionately.

Once the flow is complete, the friends are each billed easily through their respective payments app (in this case, I used Venmo as an example).

The objective is to make calculating the bill split as easy as possible, and totally painless for everyone involved!

Please let me know what you think--I'm open to improving this design! 🏀

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