1. Short stories design childrens book characterdesign procreate short story childrens illustration illustration book
    View Short stories
    Short stories
  2. Hir - Circa Theatre Show watch story sad vintage design illustration procreate advertising poster theatre
    View Hir - Circa Theatre Show
    Hir - Circa Theatre Show
  3. Kia Hiwa Ra - Large Shared Reader publishing book legend colour large format newzealand maori childrens book procreate characterdesign illustration
    View Kia Hiwa Ra - Large Shared Reader
    Kia Hiwa Ra - Large Shared Reader
  4. Walk to your own beat graphicdesign sketch design illustration print feminism cheeky procreate
    View Walk to your own beat
    Walk to your own beat
  5. Rough sketch pencil morningroutine procreate blackandwhite alternativeworld characterdesign character sketch
    View Rough sketch
    Rough sketch
  6. Home Away From Home sketch illustration housewarming sea house lineart blackandwhite ink commission
    View Home Away From Home
    Home Away From Home
  7. Doube Break beer branding surfbrand surf waves label beach beer typography logo design characterdesign illustration
    View Doube Break
    Doube Break
  8. Mount Buzz Bucha Beer Tap label beach summer label beer typography logo design branding illustration
    View Mount Buzz Bucha Beer Tap label
    Mount Buzz Bucha Beer Tap label
  9. Meet the Bull adobe digital ink environments agents publishers childrensillustration childrens book illustration characterdesign
    View Meet the Bull
    Meet the Bull
  10. EOT x The Misprint Co.  Notebook Cover Designs characterdesign collaberation traditional ink bookdesign forward design recycle sustainable misprint pledge editorial notebook
    View EOT x The Misprint Co. Notebook Cover Designs
    EOT x The Misprint Co. Notebook Cover Designs
  11. Skating Dreams cool dreams colour procreateapp streetwear characterdesign skateboard
    View Skating Dreams
    Skating Dreams
  12. Toutouwai observational nature illustration quick sketch procreate art maori plant bird native new zealand
    View Toutouwai
  13. observational drawing colour traditional ink scenery water landscape illustration art digital
    View observational drawing
    observational drawing
  14. Monsieur Macaron colours typography paris tshirt art deco local illustration logo bakery logo baker apparel design
    View Monsieur Macaron
    Monsieur Macaron
  15. Wild Side handdrawntype typogaphy procreateapp design artwork ink blackandwhite favourite illustration music poster dotwork wildside danger dots
    View Wild Side
    Wild Side
  16. Ink Time explorer profile stages workflow work in progress sketch inking illustration
    View Ink Time
    Ink Time
  17. I Depart as Air waltwhitman poetry editorial bookdesign blackandwhite traditional paper ink
    View I Depart as Air
    I Depart as Air
  18. The Wanderer environment design artwork procreate illustration digital illustration
    View The Wanderer
    The Wanderer
  19. Rainy Day ink personal characterdesign traditional art illustration
    View Rainy Day
    Rainy Day
  20. Whetū Toa and the Magician by Steph Matuku publisher awards characterdesign cover design illustration childrens book
    View Whetū Toa and the Magician by Steph Matuku
    Whetū Toa and the Magician by Steph Matuku
  21. Affiliate World Conferences Poster vector animation design branding illustration
    View Affiliate World Conferences Poster
    Affiliate World Conferences Poster
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