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See what happens when graphic designers on Dribbble redesign Wordle

Earlier this month, graphic designers on Dribbble were challenged with an exciting new design prompt: Redesign the user interface of the popular word game, Wordle!

As you can imagine, the design community did not disappoint when it came to creativity. While some graphic designers chose to redesign elements of Wordle’s user experience, others chose to make simple aesthetic updates to Wordle’s UI design.

Without further ado, here’s how graphic designers on Dribbble would redesign Wordle. Then, be sure to check out the rest of the entries submitted to Dribbble’s Wordle design challenge.

Graphic designers reimagine Wordle

Check out a few of our favorite Wordle redesigns below. How would you redesign this simple yet satisfying daily word puzzle? Which Wordle redesign below is your favorite?

Wordle branding graphic design logo ui


by Klimov

bright and simple UI design for Wordle for Dribbble

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WORDLE - gameboy UI kit gamboy ui ui kit visual wordle

WORDLE - gameboy UI kit

by Damián Flores

WORDLE - gameboy UI kit / 🔗 Figma CommunityLayout | Color | Typography | Mockup

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Wordle redesign ui ux weeklywarmup wordle

Wordle redesign

by Jack Sandberg

Wordle redesign UX/UI. Was very fun to create <3.Made in Figma. Mockup by: Favicon + Browser (Figma community)

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Wordle UI/UX Redesign adobe xd app design ui ux
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Wordle UI/UX Redesign

by Zihui

have some fun~better user experience

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Wordle ART Version figma fluid glassmorphism hello dribbble hello world rebound redesign wordle

Wordle ART Version

by Thomas Baudisson

Hello Dribbble community ,Today, Wordle redesign ! The goal of this Art Version is : Everyday one word, everyday one different background image.The line are small to keep a minimalist vision, 3 colours : green / yellow / grey to recognize if you are wro...

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Evonna Wordle Weekly Warm Up Rebound app branding clean design flat game graphic design mature mobile mock up new york times simple sophisticated ui ux weekly warm up wordle

Evonna Wordle Weekly Warm Up Rebound

by Evonna Ramirez

Gotta love the challenge of Wordle but the design is rough. Thought it would be nice to reimagine this with some clean NYT branding since they acquired Wordle.Hope you enjoy the look!Take a look at more of my work on my portfolio www.evonnaramirez....

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Wordle Redesign Weekly Warm-Up app design ui

Wordle Redesign Weekly Warm-Up

by Kelsey Abbate

Wordle is such a sweet little game! I wanted to create an interface that was bubbly and playful. Light + Dark Mode.

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Wordle Redesign branding concept design figma flat design game design graphic design icon ios minimal minimalistic mobile app sketch typography ui ux vector

Wordle Redesign

by Lina Artista

I love playing this little game and when I saw Dribbble's playoff this week, I decided to participate and create something playful. So here is my version of Wordle word puzzle.Thank you for checking out my shot!

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