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New year, new wallpaper time! If you’re looking to freshen up your mobile phone’s home or lock screen, we’ve got you covered. These talented graphic designers and illustrators on Dribbble created beautiful wallpaper art just for you—and the best part is they are all free! Download your favorites and stay inspired this 2020 with a design that brings new life to your phone.

For more design freebies, check out this roundup of free vector icon sets for download on Dribbble, UI kits for Sketch, and free iPhone X mockup templates. Enjoy!

Twist Milestone Wallpapers twist minimal desktop macos android iphone ios download free pattern wallpaper

Twist Milestone Wallpapers

by Alex Muench

Feel free to spice up your phone background with new wallpapers. These were made for a promotion. Enjoy! Download: iPhone iPad & Tablets Desktop Android Note: Please don’t use my wallpapers in your own designs or sell them. They're inten...

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Hide and Seek - Phone Wallpaper seek and hide brushes texture character design vector illustration

Hide and Seek - Phone Wallpaper

by Sofie Nilsson

I decided to turn my Hide and Seek illustration into a phone wallpaper, it's attached in this post for download 🙋🏼 Enjoy! - Follow me on Instagram Follow me on Twitter Visit my website

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Magical Mushrooms! 🍄 mobile background phone pattern mushroom wallpaper texture drawing illustration

Magical Mushrooms! 🍄


Need a new wallpaper for your phone? Go take a screenshot of our Instagram story, or save out this attachment.

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Free iPhone Backgrounds download weather mountain sun sky landscape clean minimal illustration freebie iphone background

Free iPhone Backgrounds

by Marina Matijaca™ for Profico

I created some landscapes for fun and decided to share them with you as free iPhone backgrounds. I've attached backgrounds in iPhone 6 size, but should work for all iPhones. Grab yours! :)

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Shine Bright Like a Yolk — Justas Galaburda Rebound eat character lamp light sun design mobile logo minimal flat smile food iphone icon graphic vector illustration wallpaper egg

Shine Bright Like a Yolk — Justas Galaburda Rebound

by Richard Yang • @richard.ux

I loved this illustration but it wasn't quite in the right aspect ratio for a iPhone wallpaper so I re-did it real quick. I attached the wallpaper itself as well in the files :)

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Fluids - free iPhone wallpapers iphone wallpaper violet colorful fluids

Fluids - free iPhone wallpapers

by Anna Nikolova for Perspektiva

Free colorful iPhone wallpapers for a better mood.

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Free Wallpapers! free phone wallpaper mobile vector ui logo icon illustration flat design branding

Free Wallpapers!

by Nice Colors

First things first, grab some Nice Colors wallpapers and turn your phone into the rainbow poopoji it was always meant to be! Download the .zip file or grab them from our instagram stories! Woop woop, here comes the p00p train! https://www.instagram.c...

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Cactus Wallpaper freebie illustration cactus iphonex wallpaper

Cactus Wallpaper

by Claudia Bertilsson

I got a new phone a a few weeks ago and couldn't find a wallpaper I liked, so I made my own. Thought it would be fun to share with you all; the attached file is sized for the iPhone X, but I'm sure you can make it work for just about anything.

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Nasa Shuttle Phone Wallpaper retro texture skeuomorphic paper art papercraft rocket launch space austin san diego wallpaper shuttle nasa

Nasa Shuttle Phone Wallpaper

by Michael Fugoso

Happy New Year everyone! I made you all a free wallpaper for your phone... Looks awesome on the lock screen! Check below for the download links :) Color Wallpaper: Bla...

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Simulation moon sun tree wallpaper shadow visual design product design 3d minimal abstract


by Josh Warren

Some abstract things happening over here. Attached an iPhone wallpaper if you're interested.

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Weather Cards app card ui nature color illustration

Weather Cards

by Yegor Meteor

Wallpapers in attachment

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iPhone 3D Wallpaper ios iphone wallpaper simple fashion geometric pattern vector digital art app minimal clean texture graphic experiment design visual 3d cinema4d cinema 4d mobile zajno

iPhone 3D Wallpaper

by Sasha Turischev for Zajno Crew

Hey guys! Here at Zajno I keep learning Cinema4D and I like experimenting with the visuals I create. This time I came up with some nice textures that I used to make a set of cool 3D wallpapers for iPhone. Would you like to set them as the background ...

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