1. Knob // 10 // Take me where I long to be accelerate c4d handle knob knobs metal plastic redshift soundesign tech technology warp warp drive
    View Knob // 10 // Take me where I long to be
    Knob // 10 // Take me where I long to be
  2. Knob // 09 // Play With Me concept controller gamepad hardware joystick knob knobs sounddesign tech technology twist
    View Knob // 09 // Play With Me
    Knob // 09 // Play With Me
  3. Knob // 08 // Ascending Power c4d dials electricity glowing hardware industrial design knob knobs power redshift sounddesign switches tech technology
    View Knob // 08 // Ascending Power
    Knob // 08 // Ascending Power
  4. Knob // 07 // Alarming Development c4d clean distortion glow hardware knob knobs redshift sounddesign switch tech technology turn
    View Knob // 07 // Alarming Development
    Knob // 07 // Alarming Development
  5. Knob // 06 // What's Next? animation c4d glow knob knobs loop redshift scrolling seamless sounddesign tactile wheel
    View Knob // 06 // What's Next?
    Knob // 06 // What's Next?
  6. Knob // 05 // Attachment Issues animation buttons c4d clicking controllers games knob knobs redshift tech technology
    View Knob // 05 // Attachment Issues
    Knob // 05 // Attachment Issues
  7. Knob // 04 // Orwellian Intensity 3d c4d camera dials industrial design knob knobs lighting product design redshift sounddesign tech technology
    View Knob // 04 // Orwellian Intensity
    Knob // 04 // Orwellian Intensity
  8. Knob // 03 // Light up the grill 3d c4d gsg industrial design knob knobs lights loop product design redshift sounddesign turning
    View Knob // 03 // Light up the grill
    Knob // 03 // Light up the grill
  9. Knob // 02 // Turn Me On 3d animation c4d controls knob loop minimalist redshift sounddesign switch toggle
    View Knob // 02 // Turn Me On
    Knob // 02 // Turn Me On
  10. Knob // 01 // Dial It Up 3d c4d clean design dial knob lights minimalist motiondesign redshift sound turn
    View Knob // 01 // Dial It Up
    Knob // 01 // Dial It Up
  11. Rearrange Your Desk 3d abstract abstraction art c4d clean colorful gsg illustration object physical redshift ropes
    View Rearrange Your Desk
    Rearrange Your Desk
  12. Abstractions Website 3d abstract animations art branding c4d clean colorful design illustration minimal minimalist realism redshift website
    View Abstractions Website
    Abstractions Website
  13. Juan 3d avatar beard c4d character hair illustration nature portrait redshift
    View Juan
  14. Components Assembled 3d abstract animation blue blurple brand c4d calming components loop red redshift render shapes
    View Components Assembled
    Components Assembled
  15. Healthy Together Branding Explorations blue branding c4d colors design layout phone pink redshift render tech vibrant
    View Healthy Together Branding Explorations
    Healthy Together Branding Explorations
  16. Walkies Illustrations & Explainer 3d 3dart c4d character cute dog explainer illustration motion graphics octane
    View Walkies Illustrations & Explainer
    Walkies Illustrations & Explainer
  17. Polywork Characters 3d 3dart brand c4d characters colorful design illustration octane polywork polyworking rigging
    View Polywork Characters
    Polywork Characters
  18. Brandon House 3d 3dart beard blue c4d cartoon character face figma fun hat illustration jumping pixar poses redshift smile stubble
    View Brandon House
    Brandon House
  19. Polywork Banner Ads ads banner blurple camera coffee colorful desk gamepad headline laptop linkedin notebook painter phone plant polywork polyworking scissors tagline
    View Polywork Banner Ads
    Polywork Banner Ads
  20. Control and Disconnect 3d 3d animation animation atmospheric c4d computer fog illustration keyboard octane retro
    View Control and Disconnect
    Control and Disconnect
  21. Thank you ❤ Polywork 3d animation c4d cloth curtains goodbye job octane physics polywork sim stage thank you velvet
    View Thank you ❤ Polywork
    Thank you ❤ Polywork
  22. Alex Siclari 3d 3dart background backwardscap baseballcap beard c4d character colorful commission fun hat illustration lighting octane portrait scene shadow stubble
    View Alex Siclari
    Alex Siclari
  23. 100 Days of Code 3d 3dart c4d campaign characters code colorful computer developers fun hands illustration mouse octane render social text video
    View 100 Days of Code
    100 Days of Code
  24. NFT Gallery 3d 3dart animation art blue blur c4d characters creator depthoffield gallery illustration loop nft octane people polywork polyworking scene zoom
    View NFT Gallery
    NFT Gallery
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