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Acting on your feedback, Dan refined the new logo. We launched Design For, an occasional series exploring hyper-specific design niches, with Design on a Can. Part one ran Thursday with insight and shot-sharing from Jose Canales (Power and Light Pale Ale, center) and The Little Friends of Printmaking (Fresh IPA, right). Part two runs Wednesday and will feature the beer can wizardry of Josh Emrich.

Tomorrow Dan and Rich are heading into Boston for Intro to the Boston Creative Community, hosted by General Assembly Boston and the organizers of Creative Mornings Boston. Speakers will cover key events, companies, people, current issues, and career paths in the local creative industry. Afterwards, Dan and Rich will kick off an Analog Playoff. Boston, come on out and join us!

Vote for the best stickers in the Universe!

The Sticker Shop Contest animation cartoon character cintiq comic contest emoji gif illustration stickers kawaii

The Sticker Shop Contest


We are completely floored by the thousands of sticker creations! Help us push creativity forward & vote for Best Stickers in the Universe! Vote here: Submissions close 11/7 for Dribbble Artists. For extensions...

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Good Works

Education Print apparel typography custom handmade hand drawn good non-profit education script font

Education Print

by Loka Co

Full credit to Noel Shiveley (instagram @noeltheartist) for the design - and to Industry Print Shop in Austin, TX for screen printing. These are for sale, with 100% of the profits benefiting Global Art & Design Project's volunteer efforts in South A...

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The Global Art & Design Project uses creativity as an entrepreneurial tool for global development.

Water For People works in nine countries to create sustainable and replicable water and sanitation infrastructure.


Shirt Sighted

Welcome to Shirt Sighted, in which we feature photos of Dribbble shirts in cool places. We were inspired by this photo of Rich’s friend Colby Loucks, deputy director of the World Wildlife Foundation’s Wildlife Conservation Program. Colby’s wearing his Dribbble tee atop an elephant in Chitwan National Park in Nepal. Send pictures of you in your Dribbble tee in cool places to and we’ll publish them here!


WP Ninjas Signage focus lab ninjas sign wood logo wordpress wp ninjas ninja signage office

WP Ninjas Signage

by Jon Howell for Focus Lab

I was cruising the Twittersphere and saw a tweet from Tinkering Monkey with the sign they made for WP Ninjas. I don't think I ever even shared the final logo we did for them, so here it is. Thanks to the Tinkering Monkey team for the photo, the sign...

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TMNT Coaster set tmnt teenage mutant ninja turtle coasters cute illustration fanart

TMNT Coaster set

by Michelle Ouellette

I made these coasters recently because I love ninja turtles and hate water circles on my desks. Yay!

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Sword in the Stone iPhone Wallpaper freebie download ios wallpaper colorful sword triangles retina iphone

Sword in the Stone iPhone Wallpaper

by Fabricio Rosa Marques

Hey folks, I've started this wallpaper illustration a while back and finally wrapped things up and decided to share it with you. The inspiration came from my favorite childhood cartoon, in case you don't know it go check it out ;) Wallpaper for iPhone ...

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Stone Oak Aesthetic Dentistry Logo logo design logo leaf smile paintbrush watercolor

Stone Oak Aesthetic Dentistry Logo

by McGuire Design®

Logo for Stone Oak Aesthetic Dentistry - "We are Artists of Dentistry" - Oak Leaf + Paintbrush + Smile

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You Let the Dogs Out

App Watchdog Logo Exploration logo brand branding mark dog sentry robotic illustration line art line diamond geometric

App Watchdog Logo Exploration

by Jen Ports for Bright Bright Great

Recent logo exploration for a mobile security company.

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Rott Run poster t-shirt design rottweiler dog motorcycle vintage

Rott Run

by Damian King

A vintage inspired motorcycle race poster design. Not an actual event, intended for apparel.

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Angelica typography lettering custom gothic letterforms


by Stefan G. Bucher

Did a little favor for a friend that I thought you might enjoy...

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Melissa Cruz | Website Concept website design jewelry simple modern contrast white space geometric

Melissa Cruz | Website Concept

by Breanna Rose

Working on some website concepts for Jewelry Designer Melissa Cruz! This is the more minimal concept ... focusing on light + airy pictures, lots of white space, and lots of charcoal type details.

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Android slider button material design android l animation minimal ui app slider google transition gif sfcdaeclub

Android slider

by Olga Mikhailenko

One more interaction sketch

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Voting on Tasks (bounties) voting value slider gauge

Voting on Tasks (bounties)

by Matthew for Assembly

A quick mockup for a simple mechanism for voting on the value of a task (if you think it should be different) for Assembly.

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Kidding Around

Coffee Pong illustration office coffee munchkins texture

Coffee Pong

by Melissa McFeeters

Can't stop illustrating people playing pong games in office environments, apparently.

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Coaches’ Picks

Retiro Pro soon! typography font retiro didot zecraft typofonderie

Retiro Pro soon!

by Jean François Porchez

Glad to report that Retiro is almost ready to be launched at Typofonderie. Enjoy the attachement to look precisely at the details.

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FFF9 Patches & Pins fun fun fun fest merch patch pin guerilla suit austin texas

FFF9 Patches & Pins

by Luigi Maldonado for Guerilla Suit

Part of Fun Fun Fun Fest's merch for this weekend. Time to pull out that denim jacket y'all

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Meetup Wrap-up

New Orleans, Louisiana, October 13

Dribbble at Cafe du Monde. Photo credit: <a href=''>Erich Rainville</a>.

Beignets and coffee for everyone! New Orleans Dribbblers and designers in town for CSS Dev Conf. (including our own Dan Cederholm) turned up at Cafe du Monde to talk design and sample NoLa’s finest pastries. Thank you to organizer Christopher Schmitt, who pulled it all together at the same time he was organizing the conference.

London, United Kingdom, October 24

Badoo teamed with 3Beards to host a monster developer and designer meetup at The Vinyl Factory in Soho. Thank you both!


Meetups is under construction! Please excuse the less-than-sleek design — it’s just temporary. Meetups with shots run first, then meetups without shots. Bear with us!

Thanks, as always, to our Meetup co-sponsor Shopify.

Dribbble Meetup for West Palm Beach, Florida meetup meet up invite 561 web west palm beach

Dribbble Meetup for West Palm Beach, Florida

by Steve Shreve

First-ever Dribbble meetup for West Palm Beach, Florida. November 11th 2014. RSVP at UPDATE: Don't forget to visit and RSVP for this event. If you don't see your name or bio on the "attendee" list, then you do...

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West Palm Beach, Florida, November 11, Lynora's Osteria

#DRBLMELB branding dribbble meetup typography t-shirt logo signage


by Ryan Impey

I was asked to provide some branding concepts for an upcoming #DribbbleMeetup in Melbourne. This design will be used in the event and will be screen printed on a tee. Can't wait to see the final product and to catch up with some rad folk on November 12t...

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Melbourne, Australia, November 12, Redbubble

Weebly for iPad Dribbble Playoff playoff rebound website icons contest ipad apple watch web design commerce app iphone weebly

Weebly for iPad Dribbble Playoff

by Square Online for Square Online

To celebrate the launch of our newest family member, Weebly for iPad, we’re kicking off an Official Rebound Playoff and giving away some seriously awesome prizes. Contest For this contest, we want you to creatively celebrate the launch of Weebly for i...

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San Francisco, California, November 13, Weebly

Dribbble Manchester Competition 2 dribbble manchester meet up dribbblemcr

Dribbble Manchester Competition 2

by Pixelcode

This is the second competition image for the DribbbleMCR meet-up ( To enter simply rebound this shot (you must live/work in Manchester UK to enter this competition). Details: * Design a t-shirt inspired by D...

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Manchester, UK, November 18, Spaceport. Join rebound contest! Many awesome prizes. Sponsors: Spaceport,, CTI Digital,, Pixelmator, Realmac Software, Airmail, iStudio Publisher,, Paintcode

Dribbble at Scribble's dribbblemeetup dribbble meetup kent ohio illustration badge vector shapes eagle

Dribbble at Scribble's

by Marianna Fierro

Attention Dribbblers! Due to the weather today (November 22), the meetup will be rescheduled. Stay tuned! ----------------------- Hey Dribbblers! Let's meet up in downtown Kent for coffee, a round of Analog Dribbble Playoff and good talks for the very...

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Kent, Ohio, November 22, Scribble's Coffee Co.

Belfast, Northern Ireland
Dribbble Meetup at Break, Wednesday, November 12, 9 p.m., 21 Social, 1 Hill Street. Sponsored by Dribbble, Get Invited, and Shopify. RSVP.

Riga, Latvia
Saturday, November 15, The Mill, Brivibas 33. RSVP.

Sydney, Australia
Friday, November 21, 7 p.m., The Grasshopper, 1 Temperance Lane. RSVP.

Ahmedabad, India
Saturday, November 22, 5 p.m., location information to come. RSVP.

Boulder, Colorado
Thursday, December 4, 6:30 p.m., Quick Left, 902 Pearl Street. RSVP information to follow.

San Francisco, California
Thursday, December 11, HQ. More details to come.

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