1. Ready To Pop | Stationery print notecard stationery blind emboss typography identity branding
    Ready To Pop | Stationery
  2. Le Magik | Conceptual Brand simple letter manipulation modern serif typography magic identity branding
    Le Magik | Conceptual Brand
  3. Misty Blue | Packaging Concept mockup illustration leaves botanicals skin care packaging package design identity branding
    Misty Blue | Packaging Concept
  4. Misty Blue | Pattern Concept skincare identity branding green botanical leaves illustration pattern
    Misty Blue | Pattern Concept
  5. Noelle | Primary Logo typography identity branding
    Noelle | Primary Logo
  6. Nectar & Green | Package Design almond milk packaging package design leaves illustration typography modern identity branding
    Nectar & Green | Package Design
  7. Milk + Honey | Mark mid mod mid century modern mid century mark monogram typography identity brand branding
    Milk + Honey | Mark
  8. Milk + Honey | Primary Logo letter manipulation typography mid century mid century modern identity branding
    Milk + Honey | Primary Logo
  9. Noelle | Business Cards typography mockup gold foil business cards identity branding
    Noelle | Business Cards
  10. V—Dough | Marks dairy free typography vegan pizza herbs illustration marks identity branding
    V—Dough | Marks
  11. Nectar & Green | Packaging almond milk leaf illustration package design packaging identity branding
    Nectar & Green | Packaging
  12. Julie Phaxay | Final Primary Logo letter manipulation modern simple typography logo identity branding
    Julie Phaxay | Final Primary Logo
  13. Greysolon | Lockup #1 modern typography lockup identity branding
    Greysolon | Lockup #1
  14. Tule Fog | Primary Logo Concept thin simple modern custom type typography identity branding
    Tule Fog | Primary Logo Concept
  15. Ottilia | Final Primary Logo plants leaves illustration custom type typography identity branding
    Ottilia | Final Primary Logo
  16. Kristyn Judkins | Final Branding custom type typography identity branding
    Kristyn Judkins | Final Branding
  17. Tay & Rae | Business Card Concept business card modern typography identity branding
    Tay & Rae | Business Card Concept
  18. MG | Icon Exploration sun path trees icon line art illustration
    MG | Icon Exploration
  19. Gohan | Website catering sushi typography menu grid website design website
    Gohan | Website
  20. Aja Edmond | Business Cards Concept typography simplicity business cards identity branding
    Aja Edmond | Business Cards Concept
  21. Bloom | Branding Concept plant flowers floral line art illustration bloom typography identity branding
    Bloom | Branding Concept
  22. Goby | Branding Assets texture fish typography mockup notecard identity branding
    Goby | Branding Assets
  23. Do It Well | Pattern monoline pattern typography letters identity branding
    Do It Well | Pattern
  24. Frankie | Branding Concept typography modern sans serif letter manipulation identity branding
    Frankie | Branding Concept
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