Movematcher City Cards

March 23, 2020

In an effort to add more visual appeal to the home page, as well as connect orphaned experiences, I worked with out SEO specialist and developer to map out the experience to connect our neighborhood pages to a flow of parent pages that w...

Prudent Pet Footer

March 13, 2020

Since launch, Prudent Pet has had a consistent look on the footer with an alternative logo of the logo pets popping up, peaking over the legaleze, originally over the bottom of the browser. Thought it was a fun branding element, and it'...

Movematcher site components

March 12, 2020

Page and component view for Worked with the development team to provide this high-level view of page structure as I worked on the design.

Prescient Dropdown Concept

March 11, 2020

Dropdown concept for Prescient's portfolio. The second tier would be show on hover, and then swap out on hover of the first tier of links.

Movematcher Quote Result Icons

March 10, 2020

Updated the movematcher quote result icons where the users data is denoted by an associated icon. Showing off the muted color scheme as well as the small breaks in the line art rule I applied to the icons. Check them out:

Movematcher Moving Company Overlay

March 09, 2020

User feedback guided us in an update the "quote result page" that users weren't happy with the static results. As a part of the relaunch, we added in an overlay for the consumer to get more information on a mover by clicking their compan...

Prescient Home Page

March 06, 2020

Landing page design for Prescient. Inherited their branding and colors to I applied it to a dark design with green accents and heavily filtered stock photography to give it a gritty and yet classy feeling. Check them out:

Movematcher Home Page

March 06, 2020

Movematcher's home page update was about one thing: a single CTA to get people to the quote page. We had multiple flavors of forms to get customer information, but it was hard to push them to a central screen to get this. I had been advo...