1. Anthropomorphic Food - Part 3 pattern cartoon pink pastels breakfast icon logo food vector drawing illustration
    Anthropomorphic Food - Part 3
  2. Share the joy of wishes sticker poster layout logo identity children kids nonprofit branding packaging
    Share the joy of wishes
  3. Logo options notebook mountains emblem badge conference charity non-profit blue stars branding identity logo
    Logo options
  4. Make-A-Wish conference logo options stars blue geometric ribbon mountains badge emblem vector logo kids children
    Make-A-Wish conference logo options
  5. Anthropomorphic Food - Part 2 donut healthy vegetables candy food illustration drawing vector cute pastels
    Anthropomorphic Food - Part 2
  6. Anthropomorphic Food - Part 1 burger healthy vegetables candy pastels cute vector drawing illustration food
    Anthropomorphic Food - Part 1
  7. Natural Green packaging pastel illustration jam bottle label identity branding logo packaging
    Natural Green packaging
  8. Packaging for Mandarina Clementina serif pink beer pastel illustration fruit bottle label identity branding logo packaging
    Packaging for Mandarina Clementina
  9. Bittersweet Symphony monoweight poster design print portrait drawing tv movies pastels illustration
    Bittersweet Symphony
  10. Animals are friends, not food! stickermule emblem badge illustration button frog rebound button food script cursive pin vegan
    Animals are friends, not food!
  11. New logo food typography texture label packaging leaf script natural green watercolor branding logo
    New logo
  12. Illustration for new app payment ux ui app drawing nature paypal gradient monoweight vector illustration
    Illustration for new app
  13. 2015 World Usability Day paypal technology ui ux blue pattern black and white contrast icons flat vector poster
    2015 World Usability Day
  14. World Usability Day concept pastels vector illustration innovation swiss pattern texture layout typography poster ui ux
    World Usability Day concept
  15. Final logo fruit fresh wordmark pastels kerning typography vector gotham baskerville identity branding logo
    Final logo
  16. Mandarina Clementina black and white identity trade gothic vector label pattern badge branding logo packaging geometric abstract
    Mandarina Clementina
  17. Mandarina Clementina -Flavored water swiss vector trade gothic monogram branding logo black and white abstract pattern geometric business card
    Mandarina Clementina -Flavored water
  18. Sticker for PayPal badge emblem illustrator illustration sticker vector logo flag geometric gradient space paypal
    Sticker for PayPal
  19. Half kitty, half ice cream, all delicious. cat kitty ice cream illustration drawing pastels photoshop hand-drawing illustrator animal logo monoweight
    Half kitty, half ice cream, all delicious.
  20. World Usability Day poster web usability world usability day poster design pastel southwest arrow icon vector illustrator pattern
    World Usability Day poster
  21. Design in the desert cacti drawing illustration psd pastels poster phoenix design week desert succulents julieta felix turquoise southwest
    Design in the desert
  22. Succulents cacti desert drawing illustration julieta felix plants green hand-drawn cactus succulents ink wip
  23. Happy birthday Lana lana del rey lana typography quote lettering bw cursive hand-lettering julieta felix type black and white
    Happy birthday Lana
  24. 4 book covers black and white swiss book cover helvetica geometric typography type gif modern student work julieta felix grid
    4 book covers
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