1. Auto-Budget (Personal Finance) savings expenses calendar uiux ruby on rails progress bar personal finance mint finances finance canutin budgeting banking texture
    View Auto-Budget (Personal Finance)
    Auto-Budget (Personal Finance)
  2. Add Bank Account (Wizard) ruby on rails pattern background finance budgeting import mint personal finance banking figma uiux canutin
    View Add Bank Account (Wizard)
    Add Bank Account (Wizard)
  3. List of Transactions (Personal Finance) canutin monospace app balance category bank account credit card personal capital mint ruby ruby on rails sorting search uiux list table transactions buget
    View List of Transactions (Personal Finance)
    List of Transactions (Personal Finance)
  4. Personal Finance (Components Prototypes) canutin figma budget you need a budget ux ui trends ruby on rails ruby personal capital net worth mint markets liabilities investments dashboard components charts cashflow assets
    View Personal Finance (Components Prototypes)
    Personal Finance (Components Prototypes)
  5. Background Video — OpenPlay / Homepage gradient blue flat navigation concert catalog music video background
    View Background Video — OpenPlay / Homepage
    Background Video — OpenPlay / Homepage
  6. Media Assets — OpenPlay / Features album layout grid gradient icon video management features artist music assets media
    View Media Assets — OpenPlay / Features
    Media Assets — OpenPlay / Features
  7. Sign Up Form — OpenPlay / Get Started narrow grey blue field form started get account create up sign
    View Sign Up Form — OpenPlay / Get Started
    Sign Up Form — OpenPlay / Get Started
  8. Featured Artists — OpenPlay / Icons masonry music pinterest quote gallery photo rainbow grid icons
    View Featured Artists — OpenPlay / Icons
    Featured Artists — OpenPlay / Icons
  9. Waveform — OpenPlay / Homepage slideshow blue teal gradient waveform form clients customers grid logos homepage
    View Waveform — OpenPlay / Homepage
    Waveform — OpenPlay / Homepage
  10. Content Cards — OpenPlay / Enterprise screenshot video icon graphite blue teal green half gradient card
    View Content Cards — OpenPlay / Enterprise
    Content Cards — OpenPlay / Enterprise
  11. Fernando.is 2.0 flat constitucional openplay bettween projects social background video responsive portfolio website personal
    View Fernando.is 2.0
    Fernando.is 2.0
  12. Mera Photography (Stamp) headshots photos photography mera portraits logo stamp wood branding cursive logotype typography
    View Mera Photography (Stamp)
    Mera Photography (Stamp)
  13. Mera Photography — Branding retina branding logo cursive deep blue artists music lifestyle portraits fashion photo photography mera gallery slideshow arrow overlay logotype typography vintage
    View Mera Photography — Branding
    Mera Photography — Branding
  14. Mera Photography — Gallery artists music lifestyle portraits fashion photo photography mera gallery slideshow arrow overlay retina
    View Mera Photography — Gallery
    Mera Photography — Gallery
  15. Mera Photography — Homepage retina mera photography photo fashion portraits lifestyle music artists form map homepage gallery slideshow navigation blue ocean sparkles merari biancucci get in touch buenos aires los angeles
    View Mera Photography — Homepage
    Mera Photography — Homepage
  16. Mera Photography — About me fashion portraits lifestyle music artists retina mera photography photo about profile avatar form map quote navigation blue yellow merari biancucci get in touch buenos aires los angeles annie leibovitz
    View Mera Photography — About me
    Mera Photography — About me
  17. Mera Photography — Get in touch mera photography photo contact form map phone navigation blue lavender merari biancucci get in touch buenos aires los angeles fashion portraits lifestyle music artists retina
    View Mera Photography — Get in touch
    Mera Photography — Get in touch
  18. Artist Profile citrusbyte music band dj search purple artists booking flat repertoire gig live photography calendar specs details reviews teal flat design white arrows
    View Artist Profile
    Artist Profile
  19. Event Host Profile citrusbyte music search purple artists company lyft band booking attendees flat repertoire buzz photos dj calendar tweets flat design
    View Event Host Profile
    Event Host Profile
  20. Book Live Music booking live music gig bands dj artists repertoire search photography purple citrusbyte flat white arrows flat design
    View Book Live Music
    Book Live Music
  21. Modal Window Kit (PSD) modal window windows dialog ui gray orange blue fields map dropdown drop down password validation avatar upload
    View Modal Window Kit (PSD)
    Modal Window Kit (PSD)
  22. API Hub api hub telco control panel dashboard gray ui texture knob icon users permissions services toggle dropdown menu nav citrusbyte
    View API Hub
    API Hub
  23. Buttons, Lights & Shadows buttons ui shadows warning icons lights noise texture orange green grey switch switches toggle freebies photoshop psd freebie
    View Buttons, Lights & Shadows
    Buttons, Lights & Shadows
  24. Empty Profile add facebook twitter buttons ui texture iphone app health mhealth activities stats tabs alert drag notification citrusbyte
    View Empty Profile
    Empty Profile
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