1. Utility Blocks Icon Set duo-tone glyphs icon icon design icon system iconography icons interface minimal simple symbols
    View Utility Blocks Icon Set
    Utility Blocks Icon Set
  2. Brand color – card settings brand color builder card card design color picker color selection interface miniature preview product design settings skeleton ui ux web
    View Brand color – card settings
    Brand color – card settings
  3. Dashboard revamp card card design dashboard duo-tone icon filters interface list management pill product design sidebr ui ux web
    View Dashboard revamp
    Dashboard revamp
  4. Alloy Embedded v3 builder cards configuration grid installer integration interaction design interface interface design list modal panel product design release settings ui ux web
    View Alloy Embedded v3
    Alloy Embedded v3
  5. Team settings dialog interface interface design minimal modal product design prompt settings simple ui table team team settings ui ux web
    View Team settings
    Team settings
  6. Site navigation bar redesign bar cards interface navbar navigation navigation bar product design responsive ui ux web
    View Site navigation bar redesign
    Site navigation bar redesign
  7. Plan stats card card dashboard interface interface design plan stats product design progress bar stats ui usage ux web
    View Plan stats card
    Plan stats card
  8. CSV uploader circular progress bar drag and drop drag file interface design modal progress bar ui upload upload file uploader ux web
    View CSV uploader
    CSV uploader
  9. Integration Modal Installer | Alloy Forge configuration forms installer modal popup popup window settings steps theme ui ux web
    View Integration Modal Installer | Alloy Forge
    Integration Modal Installer | Alloy Forge
  10. Welcome Modal cards getting started modal onboarding ui ux web welcome welcome screen
    View Welcome Modal
    Welcome Modal
  11. Action Block Design blocks builder component ui workflow
    View Action Block Design
    Action Block Design
  12. Introducing Alloy Ecommerce Stack 2.0 animation colorfull ecommerce hexagon interaction interactive page landing page layers stack ui ux web
    View Introducing Alloy Ecommerce Stack 2.0
    Introducing Alloy Ecommerce Stack 2.0
  13. Alloy Design Language brand branding design design language design system design systems inter language minimal style guide system ui ui style guide user interface ux visual identity
    View Alloy Design Language
    Alloy Design Language
  14. Modular Panels – Alloy automation builder interaction modular panels sidebars ui web workflow
    View Modular Panels – Alloy
    Modular Panels – Alloy
  15. Duo tone icon set duo-tone glyphs icon icon design icon set icon system iconography icons minimal simple symbols
    View Duo tone icon set
    Duo tone icon set
  16. New Alloy Site ✨ carousel design hero hero section home page interface landing landing page landing page design modern product design ui ux web webdesign website website design
    View New Alloy Site ✨
    New Alloy Site ✨
  17. New app experience πŸš€ builder cards drag and drop marketplace product design sidebar signup ui ux web workflow
    View New app experience πŸš€
    New app experience πŸš€
  18. New Sidebar Navigation – Alloy clean ui icons icons design menu bar navigation sidebar ui ux web
    View New Sidebar Navigation – Alloy
    New Sidebar Navigation – Alloy
  19. I'm joining Alloy! 3d alloy app icon big sur icon diamond icon animation icon design spline
    View I'm joining Alloy!
    I'm joining Alloy!
  20. Workflow Builder for Apps – Code Editor builder code code editor interaction interface liferay sidebar ui ux web workflow
    View Workflow Builder for Apps – Code Editor
    Workflow Builder for Apps – Code Editor
  21. Liferay Loop – Interface Tweaks cards ui carousel component design components feed mobile news feed social social network ui ux web
    View Liferay Loop – Interface Tweaks
    Liferay Loop – Interface Tweaks
  22. Liferay Forms Redesign builder constructor drag and drop fields form form fields forms lexicon liferay product design sidebar ui ux web
    View Liferay Forms Redesign
    Liferay Forms Redesign
  23. App Builder Concept app builder blue builder constructor dashboard lexicon liferay sidebar ui ux web
    View App Builder Concept
    App Builder Concept
  24. Image Field – Data Engine animation field image fields image preview image upload interactions lexicon modal motion design principle app thumbnail transitions ui ux
    View Image Field – Data Engine
    Image Field – Data Engine
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