Dashboard revamp

We're about to release a revamped Automation dashboard. We're replacing the current active/inactive sections with filters, redesigned the workflow cards to make it simpler and more compact, and lately, now it will be possible to multi-select workflow to help people to better manage their dashboards.

All these improvements are going to be shipped pretty soon.

Excited to see it live! ✨

Follow our team profile for more shots about our product and branding initiatives: https://dribbble.com/alloy-automation

Once a card is select, the list enters into a "selection" mode by exposing the checkbox for all cards to make it easier to select in batch.

We have also improve the design for the list view mode, making it simpler and with a structure closer from the card design. The combination of the selection mode + filters + view mode gives user a more powerful set of tool for them to manager their dashboards quickly.

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