1. New Record time tag description record new add mobile ios categorization category emotion select options list data data entry
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    New Record
  2. The Log mobile ios category categorization tracking time list data log
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    The Log
  3. Homepage updates photo portfolio web profile homepage
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    Homepage updates
  4. Component index visualization cover docs documentation style guide core ds design system library components figma react storybook
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    Component index
  5. Start, stop, continue figma web columns kanban continue stop start notes order drag hover cards board
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    Start, stop, continue
  6. Motion guidelines systems design system move hover animated transition motion
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    Motion guidelines
  7. Component documentation list table github tooltip popover code badge prop table hover documentation design system storybook
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    Component documentation
  8. Design system primitives storybook figma systems developer interactive documentation guidelines shadows elevation typography spacing color constants primitives design system
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    Design system primitives
  9. Consolidated currencies animated figma fintech financial finance currencies normalized data hover tooltip converted table currency
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    Consolidated currencies
  10. The Game of Ur illustration board game figma
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    The Game of Ur
  11. Drink menu figma print menu design cocktail menu card type cocktails menu
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    Drink menu
  12. I've joined Juniper Square! career careers product design juniper square new role
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    I've joined Juniper Square!
  13. Profile page password user profile page job role bio email preferences settings profile
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    Profile page
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    Portfolio export controls
  15. Sessions with Marian tabs chapters checkbox hide hidden lists buttons hover
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    Sessions with Marian
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    Sidebar revised
  17. Table peripherals table hover column headers headers tooltips pagination controls adjustments cells buttons icons sort filter hide reposition
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    Table peripherals
  18. Colors hover tool developer tools storybook figma colors
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  19. User onboarding flow user interface cohorts setup login role profile onboard onboarding user
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    User onboarding flow
  20. Austin mapbox figma poster maps
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  21. Cupertino poster mapbox figma maps
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  22. San Francisco mapbox figma poster map
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    San Francisco
  23. New York City poster map mapbox figma
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    New York City
  24. Icons react storybook hover figma icons
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