Component status update

This is an update to the component index I posted a while back. As our design system has grown, we found the "custom illustration for each file" method of sharing components was, while neat to look at, not particularly scalable or usable.

This table format breaks down our system by atomic design principles, and integrates our statuses, and versioning systems, so folks know what's up to date, and what's coming soon.

As Figma files graduate from design review, we create and link Jira tickets, so everyone always knows what's happening with a particular component, and where to find relevant discussions.

Regarding the design / code versioning: we've found that there's a natural lag between what happens in Figma files, and what happens in code. This is our way of handling that. We have change logs in each design systems Figma file, which documents updates in each version, and note that version number in this file. This gives us an idea of how behind a particular component might be, without necessarily having to check Storybook or dive into code.

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