This was a hack day project I worked on with Juliana, Dani, Matt, and Rotem (new engineer!). As we grow, we wanted give potential design hires a lightweight way to get a feeling for the Mercury design team. The page is meant to be that, as well as a home for other content the team will create—we'll eventually host thoughts, works in progress, and more here.



We come together monthly as a team to share things that inspired us. Inspiration can be anything from a show, to a piece of art, a particular photographers, or a Pinterest board of interesting doors. We think that inspo is pretty central to how our team thinks about design, as something functional for sure, but also beautiful. Inspiration from other creators is a great input to that process, and something we think a lot about.


We're also really into poetry at Mercury—we have an internal poetry zine, and share a short poem at the end of each all hands. The shape of the content was meant to mimic that of a poem; major lines present an easy way to understand at a glance what we do, with details subtly present below each line so as not to overwhelm.


You can check out the live site at (hit the toggle in the top to enable inspo). If you want to share some inspiration at our next monthly gathering, consider joining us. We'd love to have you on the team.

Appreciate any feedback. ✌️

Posted on Oct 5, 2021
Summer fruit washed in river water.

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