I've been tracking every minute of my day for the past month. To help facilitate data entry for that project, I'm working on a simple mobile app.

This is a more detailed look at the log creation step, specifically highlighting the emotions list. Being mindful of time was an important goal of this project, and emotional status emerged as an interesting, related piece of data. What activities made me feel certain ways? Over longer time frames, what seasons make me happiest? How has my general well-being changed over time, especially as it's related to time use?

Shifting to the entry UI more generally, I was heavily inspired by Todoist's task entry interaction design. It's excellent in that it concisely presents a bunch of task properties, and lets you very quickly enter and categorize a todo. Similarly, I wanted to efficiently represent start and end time, task description, category, and emotion, then make it quick and easy to add as much or as little information as I wanted when adding a record.

Let me know what you might have done differently, thanks for reading!

Alex Price
Product Design at Mercury 🌱

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