1. New York City poster map mapbox figma
    View New York City
    New York City
  2. Icons react storybook hover figma icons
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  3. Data grids updates search no data empty empty state exports controls messages info informational error pagination grid data table
    View Data grids updates
    Data grids updates
  4. Portfolio summary report human readable raw summary dense data export report pdf
    View Portfolio summary report
    Portfolio summary report
  5. New navigation simple border-radius card dark black navigation bar top nav top bar navigation
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    New navigation
  6. Intro to Figma figmadesign atx austin download event file meetup intro figma
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    Intro to Figma
  7. Authorization screen authenticate sign in page sign in form reset password sign in forgot password login
    View Authorization screen
    Authorization screen
  8. Production report black and white pdf export print report table dense data
    View Production report
    Production report
  9. Report cover export pdf print branding topographic texture cover
    View Report cover
    Report cover
  10. Depth Visualization (animated) area vertical data depth effects hover visualization animated
    View Depth Visualization (animated)
    Depth Visualization (animated)
  11. Covers update design system system color icons thumbnails covers figma
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    Covers update
  12. Interest details edit tags light card
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    Interest details
  13. Figma covers monospace simple subtle cover icons feather icons feathericons
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    Figma covers
  14. Depth visualization grid organized edit tags metadata notes linked feet footage depth visualization
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    Depth visualization
  15. Template key modal simple color typography help support modal docs key template
    View Template key modal
    Template key modal
  16. View hover hover board info details context hover
    View View hover
    View hover
  17. No results search bar 0 no results state empty search searching
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    No results
  18. Searching search bar results highlighted search
    View Searching
  19. Search states disabled hover focused empty empty states keyboard shortcuts states text input search
    View Search states
    Search states
  20. Organize pinned (animated) draggable education smooth animated cards organize
    View Organize pinned (animated)
    Organize pinned (animated)
  21. Pinned Organize 2x add empty cards pagination icons type organize pinned
    View Pinned Organize 2x
    Pinned Organize 2x
  22. Organize pinned movember cards slots blank empty add edit move drag and drop organize
    View Organize pinned
    Organize pinned
  23. Pinned section cards against humanity data visualization graphs pinned empty state cards
    View Pinned section
    Pinned section
  24. Card Visualizations dynamic warnings icons time visualized numbers visualization hover graphs card
    View Card Visualizations
    Card Visualizations
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