Alerting and predictions in process management

July 16, 2021

Hi guys 👋! Fast reaction matters 🚀! Knowing it, we’ve implemented useful functionality for real-time process management in manufacturing 🏭. Take a look at the visuals. By using existing hardware or IoT sensors 🤖, the user can benefi...

Custom solutions for manufacturing process management

July 13, 2021

Hi guys 👋! The great advantage of custom tools is the possibility to adjust the functionalities to the business, not the other way out 🤩. The other pros are ▫️ clarity, ▫️ tailored features, ▫️ tool maintenance and demand improvements,...

Real-time data monitoring

July 08, 2021

Hello folks 👋! Here’s a great functionality designed for real-time data monitoring 🔍⏲️. It’s super useful for manufacturing 🏭, especially when using back-end IoT solutions 🤖. The data collected by IoT sensors or hardware is depicted wi...

Manufacturing process management tool

July 06, 2021

Hello folks! Today I’d love to present a tool designed for manufacturing purposes 🏭. While Industry 4.0 is challenging entrepreneurs globally 🌎, in Synergy Codes we decided to craft the solution for the most up-to-date requirements. A...

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