1. Neighbor Cap baseball cap brand branding cap community hat merchandise mustard type venn yellow
    View Neighbor Cap
    Neighbor Cap
  2. Homepage Concept branding community design desktop gif homepage neighbors scroll ui web design website
    View Homepage Concept
    Homepage Concept
  3. Venn's Presentations Template brand branding graphic design guidelines kit presentation presentation template slides template
    View Venn's Presentations Template
    Venn's Presentations Template
  4. Placeholder Animated Illustrations animation crafted crayon gif handdrawn illustration mobile neon pencil placeholder yellow
    View Placeholder Animated Illustrations
    Placeholder Animated Illustrations
  5. Venn's Illustrations digital illustration digital painting drawing illustration illustration art new york photoshop art urban
    View Venn's Illustrations
    Venn's Illustrations
  6. Venn Interaction & UI Concept brand community concept flexible fluid grid identity interaction map neighbrohoods people platform system user interface visual language
    View Venn Interaction & UI Concept
    Venn Interaction & UI Concept
  7. Venn Postcard black branding collage design layout marketing minimal photography postcard
    View Venn Postcard
    Venn Postcard
  8. Community Library Poster community community library design illustraion library poster design posters shared space venn
    View Community Library Poster
    Community Library Poster
  9. Yoga Sessions Poster brand design community design font design pink poster poster design red venn yoga
    View Yoga Sessions Poster
    Yoga Sessions Poster
  10. Venn Berlin - Coworking Sign berlin branding community coworking design recycled sign venn vintage wood
    View Venn Berlin - Coworking Sign
    Venn Berlin - Coworking Sign
  11. Personalized working space brand community concrete concrete planter cowork coworking space personalized physical plant pot plants space venn diagram workstation
    View Personalized working space
    Personalized working space
  12. Guidelines Poster for Venn's Shared Spaces guidelines illustration laundry room meeting room music room poster print shared space space guidelines
    View Guidelines Poster for Venn's Shared Spaces
    Guidelines Poster for Venn's Shared Spaces
  13. Nearby Music - Poster for a Live Music Performance music poster design print
    View Nearby Music - Poster for a Live Music Performance
    Nearby Music - Poster for a Live Music Performance
  14. Neighborhood Map branding city map community map neighborhood poster typography
    View Neighborhood Map
    Neighborhood Map
  15. Venn Homepage Web community covers homepage interfaces neighborhood web design web ui website
    View Venn Homepage Web
    Venn Homepage Web
  16. Venn Neighbohrood Homepage community homepage homepage ui neigbors neighborhood web design website
    View Venn Neighbohrood Homepage
    Venn Neighbohrood Homepage
  17. Life by Venn - The Book book book cover book cover design brand community graphic design human centered design impact neighborhood purpose design social good
    View Life by Venn - The Book
    Life by Venn - The Book
  18. community monthly program poster brand branding collage design graphic design logo typography ui ux web
    View community monthly program poster
    community monthly program poster
  19. Work Together alive art coworking coworking space design live people poster quiet space venn
    View Work Together
    Work Together
  20. Community Feed alive app art design homepage illustration mobile mobile ui motion movement people realism ui
    View Community Feed
    Community Feed
  21. People of Venn animation brand branding design colorful design fast fun gift image lifestyle lively peoples photo photography portrait real shot snapshot venn video
    View People of Venn
    People of Venn
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