1. Automating Payment Processing & Payout Splits

  2. Creating a SaaS Offering for a Datacenter Provider

  3. Updating a Full-Stack PHP Application to ReactJS

  4. Optimizing Quality, Cost, and Speed

  5. Streamlining a Field Workforce

  6. Using Machine Learning for Information Warfare

  7. Innovating with an Existing Platform

  8. Unifying Services in a Customer Portal

  9. Building a SaaS MVP for a Recruiting Agency

  10. Field Management App

  11. Second draft

  12. A quick and dirty first draft

  13. Patient Share procedure page

  14. Evaluating Opportunity Cost – Ebook

  15. Technical MVP Tips – Ebook

  16. 2019-2020 Playbill Ad for International Ballet Company

  17. Vaporware® Business Cards

  18. Vaporware® Logomark Refinement

  19. Vaporware® Logo Refinement

  20. Customer Portal Dashboard

  21. Fullscreen Mode for Firewall Threat Observations

  22. Firewall Threats Specific Country Detail

  23. Upcoming Appointment

  24. Contractor Job Page & Actions

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