Creating a SaaS Offering for a Datacenter Provider

After focusing on the delivery of the Whoa Customer Portal, one of the biggest questions for Whoa was “What are we really protected from?” For Whoa, where data security is the key tenant of their business offering, this was something they wanted to address as visibly as possible. In order to provide visibility to its customers, Vaporware designed and developed a Threat Detection display that could be used for real-time or reporting purposes on world-wide cyber attacks on Whoa systems. This information could be accessed as a map on a desktop or as a report on mobile.

Coined TOPS, the Threat Observation Platform was a unique way to visualize and analyze the security provided to your public cloud. Before TOPS, executives didn’t understand their IT departments’ spend on security products, instead of relying on a black box of IT professionals to ensure their safety. With TOPS, executives can see a live dashboard of blocked fraudulent traffic and international attacks to convey trust and safety to their leadership teams.


Posted on May 1, 2020
SaaS Startup Studio

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