A quick and dirty first draft

I wanted to keep this first wireframe prototype as simple as possible, but also felt that the content needed to be real. No lorem ipsum here. Fortunately, boardgamegeek.com is full of content.

This prototype took around 90 minutes.

For sign in, it’s important to emphasize that people are signing into their BoardGameGeek.com account, so I included that in the page title as well as instructions for setting up a new account.

The initial experience is My Collection. In BGG, this is just the games you own. For now, this list is sorted alphabetically.

Tapping a game shows its detail. Since the only thing we’re initially showing here is the game’s full image and button for managing your collection, we don’t need a detail page. However, I anticipate we’ll want to add additional content and functionality here, such as play count, my rating, etc. If we decide not to add those, we could probably move the management straight to the list view.

From the detail view you can move the game from My Collection to Wish List, or simply remove the game from your lists altogether.

The Wish List is essentially identical to My Collection, with the exception that these only list items in your wish list. This list is also sorted alphabetically for now, but we’ll want to incorporate some of the prioritization that BGG allows.

One potential issue here is that BoardGameGeek allows games to be in multiple lists at the same time, so a person’s board game could technically be in their Wish List and their Collection at the same time. However, it doesn’t make sense that a game could both be owned and wished for at the same time.

Initially, if a game is tagged both Owned and Wish List, it will appear in both lists. From either view, if the user moves it to another list, we’ll remove it from the view they were in. (We could determine this by which list they drill-in to the game from.)

In the search screen, we’re presented with yet another similar list of games. The initial list of games could be pulled from BGG’s “The Hotness” list.

But now that I think about it, it may make more sense to have a single search field with filters for your two lists when not searching. This would make search central, rather than searching within your collection, not finding it, and then having to search elsewhere.

I’ll come back with a second shitty draft with that idea.

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