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  1. Fluently. Menu Interaction microinteraction branding principle animation interaction app mobile ui ux
    View Fluently. Menu Interaction
    Fluently. Menu Interaction
  2. Ticket app | Prototype buy ticket transitions transition application slider principle ui interface interaction design concept animation design app app  design animation
    View Ticket app | Prototype
    Ticket app | Prototype
  3. Onboarding animation / Made in Principle interactive motion prototype onboarding principle mobile animation tutorial ios design illustration app graphics icons ux ui cuberto
    View Onboarding animation / Made in Principle
    Onboarding animation / Made in Principle
  4. #Exploration - Bookmark App typography bold clean animation motion gif principle interaction mode light dark tags card bookmark ux ui app desktop web
    View #Exploration - Bookmark App
    #Exploration - Bookmark App
  5. Fanvest - Prototype iphone interface app mobile ux ui design video animation principle design prototype mvp prototype
    Fanvest - Prototype
  6. Tesla Concept principle flinto video app web-design ios design ux clean web ui
    View Tesla Concept
    Tesla Concept
  7. Buddy -  Add New Pipeline minimal interface principle dashboard design adoption apps deployments mobile ios ux interaction animation clean ui app johnyvino pipeline add new pipeline buddy
    View Buddy - Add New Pipeline
    Buddy - Add New Pipeline
  8. 📗Bookly animation 📗 design aftereffects principle trade sharing library book app ecommerce app mobile design mobile app userinterface ux ui mobile ui interaction animations animation books
    View 📗Bookly animation 📗
    📗Bookly animation 📗
  9. Darkmode card interactions using @principleapp photography unsplash swiping parallax camera fab figma principle app profile photo sharing dark mode dark ui darkmode swipe cards iphonex ios interaction animation ui
    View Darkmode card interactions using @principleapp
    Darkmode card interactions using @principleapp
  10. "Transixions" mobile interaction concept mobile app motion principle animation design exploration ux ui
    View "Transixions"
  11. Bookstore App Animation after effects principle app netguru bookstore ios product design typography mobile ui redesign branding design
    View Bookstore App Animation
    Bookstore App Animation
  12. TravelUP | Animation mobile app design booking snow transition mobile app mountains mountain travel mobile app design slider application app ui interaction concept design animation principle
    View TravelUP | Animation
    TravelUP | Animation
  13. Spotkey principle iphone interface dashboard design interaction animation clean mobile ios ux ui app johnyvino
    View Spotkey
  14. Skeleton Loading for a Finance App finance payment wallet sort by video skeleton loading protopie prototype principle animation saas product design ios interaction mobile iphone app ux ui
    Skeleton Loading for a Finance App
  15. Movie app onboarding principle illustration iphone minimal interface dashboard interaction animation app apps application movie motion app animation movie card movie art movie app movie mobile ios ux app johnyvino
    Movie app onboarding
  16. Travel Mobile App Animation concept ui ios adventure trips motion figma principle aftereffects ui animation animation travel app travel mobile app mobile
    View Travel Mobile App Animation
    Travel Mobile App Animation
  17. Daily music recommendation software black data visualization icon data music ux app design sketch principle motion animation ui
    View Daily music recommendation software
    Daily music recommendation software
  18. Online shop | Animation online store online shop buy application app slider principle ui interface interaction design animation concept
    View Online shop | Animation
    Online shop | Animation
  19. GetBusy Icons android productivity tabbar ios principle product design app icon
    View GetBusy Icons
    GetBusy Icons
  20. Podcast App audio protopie material android discover explore principle podcast prototype flutter video saas product design ios mobile iphone interaction app ux ui
    View Podcast App
    Podcast App
  21. Swipe Interaction andorid composer inbox client email protopie prototype principle video aniamtion clean saas product design ios mobile iphone interaction app ux ui
    View Swipe Interaction
    Swipe Interaction
  22. Coupon App - MVP startup principle ae icon logo app iphone animation ui ux mvp prototype minimum viable product
    View Coupon App - MVP
    Coupon App - MVP
  23. Calendar calendar sketch principle interaction ios mobile app app mobile ux ui
    View Calendar
  24. Calendar App Interaction motion todo planner event schedule prototype clean saas calendar principle video animation product design ios interaction iphone mobile app ux ui
    View Calendar App Interaction
    Calendar App Interaction
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