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  1. Secret WIP App graph analytics percentage bottom bar dark gradient timer pie chart score app iphone x
    View Secret WIP App
    Secret WIP App
  2. Housing Market Monitor - Wireframe figma estimate chat dashboard range mobile product percentage stats ux ui card
    View Housing Market Monitor - Wireframe
    Housing Market Monitor - Wireframe
  3. Data visualization infographic isometric design infographic design web vector statistic report design report pie chart percentage isometric information illustration growth graphic deisgn graphic design graphic diagram data chart analisis 3d
    View Data visualization infographic isometric design
    Data visualization infographic isometric design
  4. Graph Visualizations track percentage trends filters summary star visualization chart line bar graphs
    View Graph Visualizations
    Graph Visualizations
  5. Health Desktop App Exploration health web fitness dashboard meal plan parameter health healthcare app tracker calories fitness app fat percentage body weight blood glucose blood pressure medical healthcare desktop application health app health
    View Health Desktop App Exploration
    Health Desktop App Exploration
  6. Dashboard table web ux ui circle percentage green graph dashboard design dashboard
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  7. Healthcare Engagement Application Exploration calories parameter health menu screen schedule screen connect screen health dashboard health feed page healthcare app fitness app fat percentage link device health app pulse body weight body temperature blood pressure blood glucose appointment app design app
    View Healthcare Engagement Application Exploration
    Healthcare Engagement Application Exploration
  8. Finance infographics, savings and checking accounts data illustration lineillustration design green icon infographic infographic elements line lineicon numbers percentage percentages texture typography finance fintech
    View Finance infographics, savings and checking accounts
    Finance infographics, savings and checking accounts
  9. Meal Planner Application Design Planner & Track Progress calendar view meal plan track progress screen body fat percentage water tracker app meal tracker app medical app meal planner app lost ibs health ios app fitness app meal planner fitness app fitness dashboard coaching fitness teacher carbs tracker measurement screen todays meals track progress meal planner calories tracker achieve goal fitness
    View Meal Planner Application Design Planner & Track Progress
    Meal Planner Application Design Planner & Track Progress
  10. Medical Dashboard floor plan map interface scores percentage chart analytics data analysis statistics management system hospital dashboard medical ux ui uxdesign uidesign
    View Medical Dashboard
    Medical Dashboard
  11. Data Visualization percentage circle chart bar chart comparison chart numbers data viz chart data
    View Data Visualization
    Data Visualization
  12. Finance infographics, bank illustration fintech finance percentage percentages texture green lineicon icon lineillustration line data numbers typography design illustration infographic elements infographic
    View Finance infographics, bank illustration
    Finance infographics, bank illustration
  13. TechScore Animated Logo identity branding metrics project animated icon analytics score tech percentage animation logo
    View TechScore Animated Logo
    TechScore Animated Logo
  14. Finance infographics, inflation data fintech finance typography texture percentages percentage numbers lineicon line infographic elements infographic icon green design lineillustration illustration data
    View Finance infographics, inflation data
    Finance infographics, inflation data
  15. Data Interface Design interconnection percentage scores score rate operations data interaction digital design web after effects data visualization dashboard typography typo graphic animations graphicdesign interface animation
    View Data Interface Design
    Data Interface Design
  16. 🏷 Labels scheme colors interface design ui labels tags icon arrow finance percentage growth tag label
    🏷 Labels
  17. Progress indicator material design ui text email send hide popup alert message toaster progress bar bar percentage bar progress
    View Progress indicator
    Progress indicator
  18. Dashboard percentage dashboard design flow chart data structure frequency data table adobe photoshop cc minimal lettering adobe xd website icon typography branding design ux ui
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  19. Borrowme - Logo Design Exploration fintech credit platform finance tech money smart logo borrow loan percentage identity design branding design brand identity brand design connection b letter logo corporate symbol logotype identity logo designer logo design branding logo
    View Borrowme - Logo Design Exploration
    Borrowme - Logo Design Exploration
  20. Borrowme - Logo Design Exploration borrow loan percentage finance tech fintech coin transfer media tech digital smart logo branding agency brand identity identity design platform credit branding design identity branding corporate symbol logotype identity logo designer logo design branding logo
    View Borrowme - Logo Design Exploration
    Borrowme - Logo Design Exploration
  21. Fitness App interface percentage energy exercise training ui ux play icon app colors card baseball basketball illustration motion
    View Fitness App
    Fitness App
  22. Ticks + Chart + T brand identity branding chart ticks project t icon analytics score tech percentage logo
    View Ticks + Chart + T
    Ticks + Chart + T
  23. Assisted Living pie chart character design man girl wheelchair percentage chart graph retirement assisted living
    View Assisted Living
    Assisted Living
  24. Discount Pharms branding percentage dp design logo minimal clean
    View Discount Pharms
    Discount Pharms
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