1. Dashboard / Statistics page arr balance booking chart charts dashboard design expenses irakli lolashvili leads statistic stats summary table ui upward
    View Dashboard / Statistics page
    Dashboard / Statistics page
  2. Create your profile colors create dashboard design designer developer full handle irakli lolashvili login minimalistic name profile register role sign in signup ui
    View Create your profile
    Create your profile
  3. Settings page attributes billing concept dashboard design edit events insights irakli lolashvili monthy page plans profile settings summary surveys tracker usage user users
    View Settings page
    Settings page
  4. Mesasure Customer Effort answers ask audience clean colors customer customers dashboard design effort irakli lolashvili measure minimalistic quetstions search toggle ui welcome
    View Mesasure Customer Effort
    Mesasure Customer Effort
  5. E-commerce Analytics analytic analytics charts coasts dashboard e commerce ecommerce finance irakli lolashvili leads over product products purchases report result services shop time ui
    View E-commerce Analytics
    E-commerce Analytics
  6. Receive crypto amount app blockchain clean ui crypto currency design erc20 irakli lolashvili minimalistic money payment polygon solana total trc20 ui usdt wallet address
    View Receive crypto
    Receive crypto
  7. Online Freelancing Platform accept app clean clean ui client decline design experience freelance hourly irakli lolashvili message mobile range rate reffer research skills ui usd
    View Online Freelancing Platform
    Online Freelancing Platform
  8. Order History app clean clean ui delivered design e commerce ecommerce history irakli lolashvili message order order history orders package placed shipped shop store ui us
    View Order History
    Order History
  9. Asalytic.app - The data you've been looking for algo algorand app blockchain clean clean ui crypto design gallery irakli lolashvili listing listings marketplace marketplaces nft price rank ui web3 web3.0
    View Asalytic.app - The data you've been looking for
    Asalytic.app - The data you've been looking for
  10. DocAnalyzer - Get summaries ai app artificial intelligence chat chatgpt clean clean ui dashboard design document documents irakli lolashvili message prompt settings summary trial ui web workspace
    View DocAnalyzer - Get summaries
    DocAnalyzer - Get summaries
  11. Screen Recorder app application camera clean clean ui command design ios irakli lolashvili macbook macos mic microphone plugin record recorder screen start ui
    View Screen Recorder
    Screen Recorder
  12. Calendar app calendar call calls clean clean ui date design guests host irakli lolashvili meeting meetings minimalistic mobile schedule time ui
    View Calendar
  13. Sending money 3d app balance bank clean clean ui design details finance graphic design irakli lolashvili mobile money paid send sending transfer ui usd wise
    View Sending money
    Sending money
  14. Remote Control app apps channel clean clean ui control design irakli lolashvili mobile mute remote smart smart tv television touch touchpad tv tvs ui volume
    View Remote Control
    Remote Control
  15. Crypto Wallet app bitcoin blockchain btc clean clean ui crypto cryptocurrency cryptotrading defi design ethereum investing irakli lolashvili mobile money nft send trading ui
    View Crypto Wallet
    Crypto Wallet
  16. Google Translate Redesign after effects animation app choose clean clean ui design dropdown google history irakli lolashvili language learn material material you motion graphics saved speak translate ui
    View Google Translate Redesign
    Google Translate Redesign
  17. NFT Ticketing platform - Analytics analytics app clean clean ui create dashboard date design event filter irakli lolashvili nft region search tickets transactions ui visibility web 3 web 3.0
    View NFT Ticketing platform - Analytics
    NFT Ticketing platform - Analytics
  18. Clinic Dashboard app available chart clean clean ui clinic coasts covid 19 dashboard design filter hospital insight irakli lolashvili patient staff statistic stats status ui
    View Clinic Dashboard
    Clinic Dashboard
  19. Crypto Investment app blockchain clean clean ui crypto cryptocurrency cryptotrading design ethereum finance invest irakli lolashvili landing stocks trader ui website
    View Crypto Investment
    Crypto Investment
  20. NFT Ticketing platform access attending blockchain crypto detailed page event irakli lolashvili minimalistic nft quantity ticket ui verified web 3 web 3.0
    View NFT Ticketing platform
    NFT Ticketing platform
  21. Dynamic Island - Shopify notification app chart clean clean ui design dynamic irakli lolashvili island mobile month notification percentage summary ui week widged
    View Dynamic Island - Shopify notification
    Dynamic Island - Shopify notification
  22. Landing page app business clean clean ui design economy irakli lolashvili landign landing page menu minimalistic tabs ui
    View Landing page
    Landing page
  23. Online payments app business buy clean clean ui control currencie currencies design digital exchange irakli lolashvili landing money payment payments smarter transactions ui wallet
    View Online payments
    Online payments
  24. Crypto Wallet app bitcoin clean clean ui coin crypto cryptocurrency design ethereum fogot password forget forgot irakli lolashvili login password registration sign in sign up ui
    View Crypto Wallet
    Crypto Wallet
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