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From Graphic Design to Product Design: Meet Dribbble Grad, Timmera Lindsay

Today, we’re excited to chat with Timmera Lindsay, a senior graphic designer with extensive experience in print and web design. After being encouraged by a developer on her team to enroll in Dribbble’s Certified Product Design Course, Timmera jumped at the opportunity to expand her skill set and better support her team’s web and software experiences.

Now a graduate of the course, Timmera shares her experience and offers advice to new designers. Read on to get inspired by Timmera’s journey into product design!

My name is Timmera Lindsay and I was born in Kansas City, Missouri. I’m currently a Senior Graphic Designer at Schier (Lifetime Guaranteed Grease Interceptors), and I hope to move into a role as a UI Designer. I’m really passionate about design, and I’m always looking for new ways to learn and improve my skills.

What inspired you to learn product design?

I have a wide range of design experience since receiving my bachelor’s in graphic design in 2007 from MSU. This entails both print and web design, and most importantly creating experiences for my prior company’s clients, and now my current company’s web and application experiences.

A developer on my team encouraged me to enroll in Dribbble’s Certified Product Design Course. He was also interested but felt it was more catered to my career path and goals. Once I mentioned this would help me grow and be able to support the team in all of our future web and software experiences and updates, it was a no-brainer for the company to get on board.


Tell us about your course experience. What did you enjoy most?

My mentor Nelio Barros was awesome. He was so supportive and pushed us all to take our work to the next level. He was always available to the group, even while traveling the world and being in different time zones week over week. We’ve connected on LinkedIn and I am excited to see his future work and to share mine with him as well.

Learning how to work creatively in a group setting and with other team members was really valuable.

Designing an app from start to finish was a huge undertaking. Major takeaways for me were learning which parts of the process I was able to excel in and which ones I should spend more time fine-tuning. And also, learning how to work creatively in a group setting and with other team members was really valuable.

What have you been working on since graduation?

Our marketing and tech teams are working together to rebuild an internal software application used as a tool to help specify and sell our products. I’m looking forward to helping with that project with an even more enriched knowledge base.

What advice do you have for new designers?

Having a background in graphic design was very helpful. If you don’t have experience with it, I would encourage diving into basic design principles or enrolling in a related Dribbble course as a prerequisite. There are also a lot of free resources out there!

Want to keep up with Timmera? Find her on Dribbble and LinkedIn.

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