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Art by Turgay Mutlay

Art by Turgay Mutlay

User Experience (UX) Techdegree

Learn how to critique designs, complete user research, and design web and mobile applications in this comprehensive UX course from the team at Treehouse.

From mastering technical and soft skills to understanding design tools and processes, Treehouse’s UX Techdegree will take you from beginner to career-ready.

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I had a chance to compare your material to others. And your material - way better and more professional.

Michael P., Treehouse Graduate

The curriculum

Learn to critique designs, complete user research, wireframe, prototype, and design for web and mobile applications.

Unit 1: Introduction to Design

Learn the user-centered methods and mindsets that entire businesses are using to improve their product experiences. Walk through the process of a design critique, explaining the goals and how to both give and receive feedback.

  • Define design thinking, and the role of pain and opportunity

  • Learn how to create empathy and journey maps
  • Learn about data collection
  • Learn how to create storyboards and roadmaps
  • Learn the elements to critique and how to give and receive constructive feedback
Unit 2: Wireframing

In this unit, you’ll be introduced to wireframes and explore iterating and moving fast with designs through sketching.

  • Create hand-drawn wireframes
  • Create wireframes on a computer
  • Iterate through ideas, visually
  • Use wireframes to validate (or invalidate) assumptions and ideas
Unit 3: Discovery

Learn how to develop a product by uncovering real user needs. Explore three activities to learn from future customers: Experience Sampling, Field Observation, and Interviewing.

  • Learn how to define a problem worth solving
  • Learn how to find participants for research and how to interview users
  • Learn how to run an Experience Sampling study and conduct a field observation
  • Understand techniques for analyzing & synthesizing research data
Unit 4: Prototyping

Learn how to use Adobe XD, a tool for creating interactive prototypes and sharing them with team members.

  • Understand the artboard workflow
  • Learn how to use tools in Adobe XD
  • Create simple prototypes
  • Learn how to collaborate in Adobe XD
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What you'll learn

  • Website Critique
  • App Research and Prototyping
  • Building a Signup Form
  • Designing a User Flow
  • How to User Test an App
  • Create a Brand Personality
  • Create a Complete UX Portfolio
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Structured to
fit into your life

Treehouse courses are completely online, so you decide when and where to study. They provide you with a roadmap and soft deadlines to keep you focused and motivated—all you need is a computer and internet access. And don’t worry, if life ever gets in the way, you can pause or cancel at any time.

  • Learn from anywhere
  • No hard deadlines or due dates
  • Pause or cancel anytime
Woman studying, remotely, on a laptop

Learn by doing

Over the course of the program, you'll build 9-12 projects that give you the chance to practice what you’ve learned. These projects will be reviewed and graded by industry professionals or Treehouse students to make sure you stay on track. After completing the program, you’ll have a portfolio to share with prospective employers.

  • Build awesome real-world projects
  • Get in-depth design reviews
  • Create a career-ready portfolio

A smarter way to learn

We believe anyone can learn to design, no matter your background or experience level. Treehouse teachers will walk you through each step of your learning – from understanding fundamental concepts through tutorials, quizzes, design challenges, to building your portfolio.

  • Guided learning paths
  • Learn professional, technical, and soft skills
  • Build a portfolio of real-world projects
  • Interactive quizzes & a final exam
  • Official Techdegree Certificate

The content is on point and clear. This is my third tech degree. I passed FEWD and FSJS. I am deeply appreciative of the slack channel and the support from fellow Treehousers.

Beryl Y., Treehouse Graduate

The UX TechDegree has been a fantastic experience so far and I'm learning lots from the fantastic content that Treehouse provides.

Rachel J., Treehouse Graduate

Free Dribbble PRO

All students who sign up to Treehouse and complete the UX Techdegree will receive a Dribbble Player upgrade and a free one-year subscription of Dribbble Pro ($108 value)

  • Upload design work to Dribbble
  • Increased exposure on Dribbble
  • Advanced features & functionality
  • Custom domain portfolio
Rocket ship artwork by Maja Stosic

Art by Maja Stosic

Learn design today

Imagine having the skillset and knowledge to easily charge thousands of dollars for one small project. Study 3 hours a day to complete your Techdegree in 3 months.

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