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Design inspiration: Pride for Pride Month 2019!

Happy Pride Month, Dribbblers! We’re incredibly proud to celebrate such a diverse, inclusive community of designers all around the world.

In honor of Pride Month 2019, we asked our very own Dribbbler Carra Sykes to share a few words about what Pride means to her, and to showcase some of her favorite Pride-inspired designs from the community. Check out a few of Carra’s own Shots below then keep reading to learn about the community’s colorful design work she chose to highlight.

  1. Facebook Stories - Pride
  2. Pride Portrait for Adobe
  3. Be You! - Sticker for Facebook

Hi y’all! I’m Carra Sykes and I identify as lesbian and queer. I work as a freelance illustrator and designer and love when I get the opportunity to highlight the LGBTQ+ community through art. I’m thankful that I am able to be openly out and visible, and I hope what I make helps people feel less alone.

I adore fun and colorful Pride artwork, but I also admire LGBTQ+ art that tells a story.

There are many reasons why I love Pride Month, but one that always sticks out to me is seeing the incredible artwork from the LGBTQ+ community. I learn so much from reading about the artwork and seeing how people are expressing themselves, not only during Pride but also year round. It’s an empowering feeling!

I adore fun and colorful Pride artwork, but I also admire LGBTQ+ art that tells a story. When I looked at these Shots, I felt so many things: proud, the weight of the fight for equality, seen, giddy, and so much more. Make sure to check out the titles of the work and the descriptions—there’s a lot to learn! Keep making and sharing your art because y’all are inspiring! HAPPY PRIDE!

  1. Get into it! 👠
  2. All for love, love for all 🌈
  3. Pride Month
  4. The Cutest Revolution You've Ever Seen
  5. Happy Pride!
  6. Pride
  7. We remember.
  8. Queer Traffic
  9. Original Pride Flag Colors
  10. Marsha P. Johnson
  11. Open up
  12. Pride 🌈

Row 1: John Salaveria, David Gonzalez, Teo Georgiev. Row 2: caleb, Kyle Letendre, Lauren Dickens. Row 3: Lucy-Rae Naylor, Winston Elliott, Skylar Hayden. Row 4: Michele Rosenthal, Jerzy Wierzy, Neil Rook.

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