1. Gathering your preferences ❤️ digital illustration food illustration people personalization preferences restaurant
    View Gathering your preferences ❤️
    Gathering your preferences ❤️
  2. One on one's coffee collaboration illustration meetings teamwork vector illustration
    View One on one's
    One on one's
  3. Making Yelp for you ❤️ illustration modernization onboarding personalization search yelp
    View Making Yelp for you ❤️
    Making Yelp for you ❤️
  4. Get into it! 👠 flat illustration gay illustration lgbtq pride qpoc queer
    View Get into it! 👠
    Get into it! 👠
  5. Play well with others 🙏⚡️ big hands graphic design illustration people playful vector illustration
    View Play well with others 🙏⚡️
    Play well with others 🙏⚡️
  6. Cozzzy 💤 bedtime dog evening illustration people vector illustration
    View Cozzzy 💤
    Cozzzy 💤
  7. Friday Night Takeout 🥡 chinese food dining dumplings family food illustration takeout vector
    View Friday Night Takeout 🥡
    Friday Night Takeout 🥡
  8. Morning Coffee ☕️ fig plant gay illustration people sunday time vector illustration
    View Morning Coffee ☕️
    Morning Coffee ☕️
  9. Ball Kids club kids fashion fashion illustration flat illustration queer vector illustration
    View Ball Kids
    Ball Kids
  10. Blueprint Sponsorship Doc booklet design magazine minimal minimalist print design social good student technology
    View Blueprint Sponsorship Doc
    Blueprint Sponsorship Doc
  11. Monday Confusion ⁉️❓ art cartoon confused design illustration modern people questions
    View Monday Confusion ⁉️❓
    Monday Confusion ⁉️❓
  12. Fashionably Late Pt 2 design fashion fashion illustration flat colour illustration modern illustration
    View Fashionably Late Pt 2
    Fashionably Late Pt 2
  13. Blueprint Halloween candy corn flat halloween illustration pumpkin uw blueprint
    View Blueprint Halloween
    Blueprint Halloween
  14. Countdown Graphic ⏳ countdown flat illustration minimalist people university of waterloo uw blueprint vector
    View Countdown Graphic ⏳
    Countdown Graphic ⏳
  15. Fashion Product Page 👕 design e commerce fashion product design product page ui user interface web
    View Fashion Product Page 👕
    Fashion Product Page 👕
  16. Fashionably Late 🎈😎 design fashion flat style illustration party style vector
    View Fashionably Late 🎈😎
    Fashionably Late 🎈😎
  17. Projects Fair 🎡💻👨🏽‍💻 design flat illustration minimal people science fair uw blueprint uwaterloo vector
    View Projects Fair 🎡💻👨🏽‍💻
    Projects Fair 🎡💻👨🏽‍💻
  18. Lawn Day 👨‍🌾🌿 creativemorningswithchinguz farming flat illustration illustration mowing grass vector illustration
    View Lawn Day 👨‍🌾🌿
    Lawn Day 👨‍🌾🌿
  19. Morning Joe ☕️🌿 coffee creativemorningswithchinguz flat illustration vector illustration
    View Morning Joe ☕️🌿
    Morning Joe ☕️🌿
  20. Holy Doggo 🐶🙏 creativemorningswithchinguz dog illustration vector illustration waterloo weiner dog
    View Holy Doggo 🐶🙏
    Holy Doggo 🐶🙏
  21. NYC 🗽 brooklyn brooklyn bridge illustration line art manhattan new york nyc
    View NYC 🗽
    NYC 🗽
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